Turkey Tracks: A Kitchen Treat!

Turkey Tracks:  January 26, 2020 A Kitchen Treat I had a pair of kitchen shears that came with a very good set of knives many years ago.  I’ve taken the shears to be sharpened many times, but gradually, they just become beyond help.  I finally gave up. Can I say that this very reasonable kitchen … Continue reading “Turkey Tracks: A Kitchen Treat!”

Spatchcocked Chicken

Turkey Tracks: May 28, 2021 Spatchcocked Chicken I saw an article from The Washington Post the other day that demonstrated how to spatchcock a whole chicken. Spatchcock is a term I never heard until very, very recently. Don’t even ask… As much as I cook, how could I have NOT heard about or tried this … Continue reading “Spatchcocked Chicken”

Jackpot: Saturday

Turkey Tracks: September 3, 2022 Jackpot: Saturday Night was good.  He was dry. I did sleep next to him, with added floor padding.  It was fine. Thinking to return to my bed tonight—depending on how things go today. I gave him the dewormer the vet told me to use last night, and it made him … Continue reading “Jackpot: Saturday”

Oh My JP: A Serious Step Backwards

September 2, 2022 Oh My JP: A Serious Step Backwards Yesterday morning when I came downstairs, I saw that JP had pooped and peed his crate. The irony is that the poop was nicely formed. BUT, I could hear his stomach rumbling all over the kitchen, and he refused to eat, which was alarming. He … Continue reading “Oh My JP: A Serious Step Backwards”

The First Strawberries

Turkey Tracks: June 23, 2020 The First Strawberies I picked these Sunday. And more of them Monday. And I was delighted that I beat “chipmunk” to these first ripe strawberries. I am missing DIL Corinne Enright these “strawberry days” as she is usually here this time of year. AND she picks the strawberries for me—about … Continue reading “The First Strawberries”

My Supplements and Health Helpers

Turkey Tracks and Interesting Information: February 22, 2022 My Supplements and Health Helpers I hesitated to share the information in this post for some time, but I’m going to share it today. I will be 77 in mid-March, and except for the mast cell disorder with its histamine intolerance reactions, over which I have likely … Continue reading “My Supplements and Health Helpers”

Mowing Accomplished!

Turkey Tracks: June 22, 2021 Mowing Accomplished With my hurt foot, I’ve been worried about getting the mowing done this week. I usually mow on Sundays, but cooler weather did slow down the grass growth a bit, so I thought I’d try to mow yesterday, Monday. At least two friends have suggested I would benefit … Continue reading “Mowing Accomplished!”

Turkey Tracks: Fall Bounty

Turkey Tracks:  October 12, 2015 Fall Bounty The nights have cooled, and the trees are starting to turn.  Finally. Hope’s Edge CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) farm has two more weeks to go. I will miss going out there weekly so much. The winter squashes are all coming in now–and they are so bright and pretty: … Continue reading “Turkey Tracks: Fall Bounty”