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Turkey Tracks: Mt. Battie Modern Show and Tell, July 2018

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Turkey Tracks:  August 16, 2018

Mt. Battie Modern Show and Tell, July 2018

Nancy Wright has been working on the English Paper Piecing Brimfield Block.


She says she has a dozen done and will probably call it a day.  The blocks are floated on an Essex linen blend, as I recall.

We look forward to seeing the finished quilt.  Maybe in September???

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August 16, 2018 at 10:39 am

Turkey Tracks: Mt. Battie Modern Traveling Quilts August 2018

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Turkey Tracks:

Mt. Battie Modern Traveling Quilts August 2018

The NINE traveling tops are either done or mostly done.  Some are missing a stray block and lots are missing labels.  But these quilts are back in the hands of their owners to be finally finished with “squaring off” methods of their choice.

Here is Tori Manzi’s, which started with the color wheel on the left.

Margaret Elaine added the birds.  Lots of beautiful birds.  The fan and circle block are new as well–I think they came from Nancy Wright.  I was in a daze of joy in seeing these finished tops, so my details might be a bit sketchy.

Here is Lynn Vermeulen’s, which started with the work “quilt” on the upper right.  I had it last and did the border on the top and right, the word “joy” bottom left, and the churn dash blocks above joy, which is meant to be a kind of mini quilt like the ones below it.

Here is my quilt.  Vicki Fletcher added the bottom strip, which also incorporates Becca Babb Brott’s spider/selvage blocks.  Vicki’s addition tells a pictorial story and is made with Cotton_Steel fabrics, which we all know I love.  I will wait for JoAnn Moore’s final block before deciding what to do next.  I love, love my quilt.

Here is JoAnn Moore’s quilt, which started with the blocks below the tulip on the right.

Vicki Fletcher’s quilt is HUGE!  And, wonderful.  Tori Manzi added the green leaf strip on the right, topped by the crosses under the snow igloo that Margaret Elaine Jinno did–as Vicki and Mike Fletcher homesteaded in Alaska for many years.


Here is Linda Satkowski’s quilt, which started with the row of houses on the middle right.  Linda moved around quite a bit as her husband was in the military.  She wanted to build a community.  I think we did that for her.


Becca Babb-Brott’s quilt is in pieces as she wants to put it together.  She started with the separate words that say “The More I Wonder The More I Love.”  Can’t wait to see this one finished.

Here is Margaret-Elaine Jinno’s quilt–which is going to need some work on the bottom right.  We are discussing making a lot of trees for a forest for her to the right of the florist shop and the turtles.  She started with the houses and trees on the left, beneath the upper banner.  M-E’s granddaughter made a drawing that M-E made into a block.  Linda Satkowski added the final block–the red and white lighthouse on the upper right.

Our Megan Bruns, who has a full-time job and who will graduate from college in May 2019, dropped out, but not before we had a good quilt going for her.  Here is what it looked like the last time I saw it–some sections are joined.

I know

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August 14, 2018 at 4:28 pm

Turkey Tracks: Creative Grids Ruler Pineapple Blocks

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Turkey Tracks:  August 11, 2018

Creative Grids Ruler Pineapple Blocks

Heidi August taught me how to use the Creative Grids Ruler for Pineapple Blocks at our May 2018 retreat.  We are both working on Jen Kingwell’s “Long Time Gone” quilt—as a Mt. Battie Modern Quilt Guild (Camden, Maine) challenge that will end in December 2018.  This quilt calls for SIXTEEN pineapple blocks.

One needs the SMALL ruler for this project.  But I loved the ruler and the block so much that I bought the large one as well.  There is a quilt lurking in that large ruler.  Certainly there are blocks for the “parts department” that is getting big enough to try to put together a “improv” quilt.

Here are my finished blocks—with their cute fussy cut centers.


Turkey Tracks: “Whirlygig” Quilt

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Turkey Tracks:  August 12, 2018

“Whirlygig” Quilt

It’s always fun to bring a year’s project to a close.

Here is “Whirlygig,” a version of Willyene Hammerstein’s “Valse Brilliante” English Paper Piecing quilt, from her book MILLIFIORE QUILTS.

My “rules” were brights and text in every block.  I used text fabrics to square off the quilt and chose an Essex linen blend for the wide charcoal border.

The backing is an Art Gallery fabric involving printed cuneiforms.

This quilt is lively and fun—a good lap size.

I should also say that several friends are also making this quilt and have found templates that allow them to hand stitch without the English Paper pieces, all the glue involved, and so on.  When they finish I will post pictures.  Their blocks are beautilful.

Additionally, several of us have followed Bonnie Hunter’s recommendation to use Signature thread 60 weight cotton for hand piecing.  We think this American-made thread is perfect for hand piecing as it has very, very few tangles and does not create much extra weight to projects—in terms of the seam folds.  It practically disappears with EPP piecing.  We’ve bought it from both Amazon and Red Rock Threads.

Turkey Tracks: “Cool” Selvage Quilt Finished

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Turkey Tracks:  July 20, 2018

“Cool” Selvage Quilt Finished

Summer is a busy, busy family and garden time for me.  So I have not posted to the blog as a result.

Still, I have had some time to sew.

I finished the selvage quilt I’ve worked on off and on for about a year.  I chose the “cool” colors–and love this quilt so much that I will make it again in the “warm” colored selvages I have collected.  I have LOTS of those now.  I might make it a bit bigger too since I like it so much.  Who knows.

I enlarged the block size from Amy Friend’s “Circuitry” quilt, found in her INTENT

IONAL PIECING.  And I used patterned fabrics around the selvage parts of the block rather than more subtle fabrics.

I quilted with a light grey t40-weight hread (Signature) and tried the McTavishing style of quilting.  I was really, really not sure I would like McTavishing as I spent four nights drawing on paper to try to get the scale bigger than one might do on a domestic machine.  I have to say that I really love the texture.  As I went along, I got more proficient AND I got braver about filling in open spaces.  I can’t wait to McTavish again.

I chose this Cotton+Steel fabric for the backing because I’ve always loved it and got a really good price for it on Amazon, via fabric.com.  This fabric is an older one, so I was lucky to find it.  And I figured any problems I created with the quilting would not show so much on the back.

My intent was to make this quilt a functional, washable quilt for, maybe my bedroom, where Penny tends to lick herself and leave spots.  But, for the moment, here it is:

You can see along the bottom where my McTavishing was more tentative, leaving lots of space.

Can’t wait to make “Warm.”

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July 20, 2018 at 2:54 pm

Turkey Tracks: Late June 2018 Update

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Turkey Tracks:  June 23, 2018

Late June 2018 Update

Summer is a busy time for me.

There are visitors, there are the gardens, there is abundant summer produce warm from the sunny garden, and there are beautiful days where one is meant to be OUTSIDE.  I revel in taking a break and eating lunch on my porch and reading in the sun for a bit.  Then, of course, I need to also make a coffee while I finish just a bit more of my book.  Life is meant to be enjoyed, and summer brings its own special pleasures.

I am so enjoying making and wearing this 100 ACTS OF SEWING, shirt No 1.  This is the second version–made with Carolyn Friedlander lawn.  It layers so beautifully over a tank top–or with a long-sleeve t-shirt.  The lawn needs an under layer unless, maybe you are young and have a cute bra.  I have also made a khaki double gauze version since I took this picture, but have not worn it yet.  I wanted it as a layer over my black stretch jeans.  My first top was a blue double-gauze, which you can see in an earlier post.

I could not resist seeing what my plans for my leader/ender Bonnie Hunter “Wild and Goosey” blocks are going to look like.

That arrangement just plain knocks my socks off!!  Love it.  So much more colorful than I would have thought.

I played around with Amy Friend’s “Circuitry” quilt (in her INTENTIONAL PIECING), wherein she uses selvages.  I made the blocks bigger and used patterned fabric to make the rectangle.  And, I kept to the cool colors:  blues and greens and some purples.

It’s on the long arm, waiting for me to figure out how on earth to quilt it.  I have been playing around with trying to do a bigger “McTavishing” quilting, but I can’t quite make it work in a way that I like.  I’ve gone through a whole pad of BIG drawing paper trying.  It might work out, but…  I am not sure.  It’s a very dense quilting style, and I’m not sure I want that kind of density in this already dense top, what with the selvages…  It definitely needs a curvy quilting style.  Or so I think.

Here’s a close-up.  I like this quilt.  When I was taking the backing papers out (Lord!  That took some nights!  I’ll never sew them quite that way again–with too close lines on the edges), I really liked having the quilt in my lap.  Despite the business, it’s a subtle quilt in many ways.

I’ll likely make a “warm” version later in the year since I have all those selvages all sorted into colored piles.


Turkey Tracks: Looks Looky: My Next EPP Project

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Turkey Tracks:  June 23, 2018

Looky Looky!:  My Next EPP Project

I’m planning ahead.  I have the body of my version of Willyene Hammerstein’s “Valse Brilliante” EPP quilt finished—with border and backing fabric picked out.  And I’m moving right along with my Katja Marek’s 52 THE NEW HEXAGON blocks.  I selected a fabric for the connecting triangles the other day.


What’s next?

This quilt is…

I’ve always wanted to make a wedding ring quilt.  I have the templates for non EPP piecing–just the old traditional way to make this block.  Every now and then I get them out and think about how to start and wind up putting them away again.  Maybe this EPP project will get me going.  I hope so, anyway.  I did not buy the EPP templates for the inner circles, just for the rings.  There are 90+ template pieces for the inner circles, so I will make them myself as I go–if I need to do that.


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June 23, 2018 at 2:46 pm