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Turkey Tracks: Three Knitting Projects

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Turkey Tracks:  December 30, 2010

Three Knitting Projects

I have three knitting projects going on at the moment.

First, I bought this book at the Border’s in Portland when we spent the night before flying to Charleston at Thanksgiving.  I LOVE Noro yarn.   The colors are brilliant, vivid, and so much fun.  I’ve made two scarf Noro projects.  And, two matching hats.  But I’ve never worked with the bulky weight–Iro.   KNITTING NORO has a bulky cardigan that I really liked, and Helen at Heavenly Socks in Belfast helped me find an Iro I liked.  She ordered it for me forthwith AND gave me a 20 percent discount on it as part of her holiday discount special.


Amazon.com: Knitting Noro: The Magic of Knitting with Hand-Dyed Yarns 9780307586551: Jane Ellison: Books

Here is the yarn I chose.  You can see I’ve wound 5 of the skeins.  I left three so you could see how pretty they look, too:

I can hardly wait to start this sweater.  But, but, I have two other projects ahead of this one.  A silk/bamboo scarf–so I can master cables and an intricate pattern.  (I’ve already taken it out twice, but I’m getting the hang of it now.  And, some sock yarn (magenta and dark grey) that I’m going to use to try socks that start at the toe AND that use a 5-stitch pattern.

In addition, I’m working on 3 quilts in various stages of development and just sent one off in the mail today.  But more on that later.

Written by louisaenright

December 30, 2010 at 5:33 pm

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