Turkey Tracks: Liam Whittle’s “Teddy Bear Tales” Quilt

Turkey Tracks:  January 9, 2011

Liam Whittle’s “Teddy Bear Tales” Quilt


 I fell in love with this quilt panel when I saw it a few years ago.  Maybe it’s because I’ve always loved Teddy Bears.  It told me it wanted to be sent to Liam Whittle, who is just the right age for teddy bears sleeping on his bed.  I made this quilt to be tough, washed, dragged around, and loved to pieces. 

This is the first quilt I’ve quilted on the long-arm.  It came out pretty well.  I just kept to the basics, but the machine is so much fun to work!

Here’s a detail of the front panel.  I hope Liam and his parents and his sister will make up stories that explain the pictures.

Here’s the backing fabric.  Is it perfect or what?  I really love the childrens’ quilt fabrics available now.

Enjoy, Liam.  Many hugs and kisses and love!  Your Great Aunt Louisa

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