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Turkey Tracks: The Absolute Best Way to Learn How to Knit

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Here’s another draft lurker post!
Turkey Tracks:  February 15, 2011
The Absolute Best Way to Learn How to Knit
Coastal Quilters met last Saturday, the 12th.
We have a table where we all bring timely magazines to share, and I picked up a May 2007 CREATIVE KNITTING magazine from the pile.  Inside was a glowing review of this DVD on learning to knit, so I’m posting it for any of you who would like to learn to knit, but need help getting started.
The review says “Leslye takes the time to explain each step in exquisite detail, with careful scripting to avoid the annoying `ums’ and `ahs’ that are so much a part of many how-to videos.”  And, “the production quality of this DVD is superb, easily navigable, with clear closeups of hands and yarn, seen from the knitter’s point of view.”
The internet is full of “how to” videos, and you can learn how to do any particular knitting thing that way.  But, having a tutorial all in one place could be a terrific way to jump start a new skill.  The DVD is pricy, just under $30.  But, but, it’s cheaper than taking a class…  And, the reviewer said that “beyond-the-basics knitters may want to practice…[their] methods as an alternative to their current practices, and knitting teachers can learn a thing or two from watching this experienced teacher at work.”
It’s available on-line, but not at amazon.com.  Just google the title.
Product Details
The Absolute Best Way to Learn How to Knit – DVD
Cover photo from  Amazon.com: The Absolute Best Way to Learn How to Knit: Movies & TV.
Leslye Solomon
Fiber Fantasy
Glyndon, MD

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March 19, 2011 at 1:00 pm

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