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Turkey Tracks: Cookie A’s Pomatomus Socks

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Turkey Tracks:  April 1, 2011

Cookie A’s Pomatomus Socks

I reconnected with my fried Jane Williams a few months ago.  When we came to Maine, Jane and her family went to London and on to Indonesia.  Jane’s back in Northern Virginia now, and I’m looking forward to a visit with her in April when she comes north to visit her mother.  In London, Jane went to the Royal Needlework school where she learned to be even more awesome fiber arts skills.  While I was learning quilting, she was already well into knitting.

Jane mentioned Cookie A’s work, and I went searching for examples.  I just completed Cookie A’s FAMOUS SOCKS–the very first pattern she put on knitty.com and which thousands of people have made now.  I’ve also bought BOTH her books, and I can’t wait to start another pair of her socks.  Only, most of my current yarn is variegated in nature, and Cookie A’s socks are spectacular in solid yards.  I’ll do what I can…

Let me just tell you that these socks were more than a notch above my current skills.  I tore out the first cuff and leg SEVEN TIMES before I finally “saw” the pattern.  Once that happened though, I was off and running and having a spectacular time–even though Cookie A knits on 4 double-pointed needles and not the 5 I use–which I use because I tend to “ladder” socks at the joins of the needles.  Maybe I got over that with this pair.

Here’s what the look like finished:

When you put them on. the little scales open up into a lacy pattern:


Here’s the pattern and more information.  You can search to see more of Cookie A’s patterns.  The first book has detailed instructions of how to do yarn overs, increase, and the like.


Written by louisaenright

April 1, 2011 at 5:08 pm

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