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Turkey Tracks: Noro Iro Sweater

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Turkey Tracks:  April 19, 2011

Noro Iro Sweater

It’s finished.

And, it’s quite wild, isn’t it?

The color mixture is not really “me,” actually, but I’ll have fun with it next winter nevertheless.  I can see it worn with a VERY plain top and VERY plain pants/skirt.   I made a bubble hat with leftover yarn that, believe it or not, tames everything down a bit.

I like the buttons that Helen of Heavenly Socks in Belfast helped me pick out:  http://www.heavenlysocksyarns.com/.  Helen is the best!  She will order more yarn than SHE needs just to get what you want.  And she always encourages you to buy extra “just in case,” which she takes back if you don’t use it.   The buttons pick up the lime green bits in the yarn.

A reminder:  Noro yarns are variegated in brilliant colors in ways that are impossible to “match.”  They just knit up the way the color wants to arrive.  I was successful at some matching up though…

Written by louisaenright

April 20, 2011 at 12:37 pm

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