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Turkey Tracks: Charleston, SC, in May

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Turkey Tracks:  May 22, 2011

Charleston, SC, in May

 We spent late April and early May in Charleston, SC, with our family performing grandparent tasks.  This trip we kept our four oldest grandchildren while their parents (Mike and Tami) had a little vacation–their first for longer than two nights in almost eight years.   These four children range from 7 1/2 to 3 1/2 years, and this is the first time we felt we could safely keep them all by ourselves, especially as they are all in school now and can, mostly, dress themselves.  Of course, we had to get them to two schools every morning for four days–thank heavens for Tami’s GPS system and the schools’ lunch programs.  And, pick them up mid-afternoon.

We immediately complicated this endeavor by keeping each one of them at home for a “special day”–which proved to be immensely enjoyable for everyone concerned–especially as we featured a trip to Hominey Grill as a part of each’s child’s day.  Talula holds the record for eating ALL of her pancakes, which she smothered with butter, honey, syrup, and jam!  I LOVE the fact that Talula is so adventuresome with food.

We were going to be backed up by our younger son and his wife, Bryan and Corinne, who also have a new baby, their first, Ailey, born last Thanksgiving.  The notion that B&C were nearby provided more than a little comfort as we had nightmares about broken bones, emergency medical issues, and the like.  We also had four chickens, a new bee hive, and an African water frog to keep well and alive.  (Fortunately no one got poisoned by the water frog, which I’ve read since carry pathogens that are causing the CDC to issue dire warnings about NOT handling these frogs.)

The children were fabulous, and just about the time we were all getting into a groove and Talulah stopped crying for her mother at, especially, bedtime, their parents came home.  Here is the only decent picture I took of the four of them.  And I can’t even remember when I took it as by the time they all went to bed, with clothes for the morning laid out, I went to bed too!

 Before I go any further, I want to put in a picture of Ailey, seen here with her grandfather, whom she is, at the moment, looking very like:

Here’s one of my favorite pictures of Talula.  I raised two boys, and let me tell you, girls are different than boys!  And this girl already has a sense of style that is unique.

 Here’s a pic of the four new chickens and their coop and yard.  The coop is MUCH smaller than Tami and I thought when looking online, but it’s quite nice and perfect for four chickens.  The milk bottles on the gate were an emergency measure to keep the chickens from flying out of the fenced area.  These chickens are red stars, or red sex links, and they are legendary for being gentle and sweet.  And, for being escape artists.  When Tami returned, we had to clip their wings, but they can STILL get out, I think, by jumping onto the fence bar at the top.

Here’s a pic of Tami and her friend, Kay, checking out the bees in the new hive:

Look at Kay in shorts!  Yet, it’s Tami who got stung.  My hat’s off to Tami, who while still a little nervous about the bees, has taken on bees as a project.  I’m not sure I could, and I am fascinated with bugs of all kinds.

And, to close out pics from this trip, here’s one of Ailey on her snuggly monkey and holding her own bottle!  Here she looks a bit like me.

I forgot to say that the jasmine was blooming and that it was warm enough to swim!

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May 22, 2011 at 7:45 pm

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