Turkey Tracks: “Grandma’s Hands”

Turkey Tracks:  February 6, 2012

Grandma’s Hands

I’ve been wanting to hear a song I used to remember called “Grandma’s Hands.”

I was pretty sure that the singer was Lacy J. Dalton.   But, that wasn’t right.

Sunday morning I decided to tackle the pile of garlic on my kitchen counter–see my earlier post on brining garlic so you don’t lose it.  And, I was thinking about how I could find “Grandmas’s Hands.”  Alongside musing that it’s kind of cool that one harvests garlic in the fall so one has it to ward off winter colds and so forth.

In the 1980s, we all made a lot of music tapes for our own use and for gifts.  Some of my favorite music is on those old, dried-out tapes now–many songs were taken from records that we left behind when we moved to Maine since records were outdated technology.  It suddenly occurred to me that I might find “Grandma’s Hands” on one of the old tapes, so I left the garlic and, sure enough, I still had the tapes.  They were crammed behind the CDs in the lower drawer of our music center.

I haven’t listened to much music lately since I have trouble hearing it.  But, my new hearing aids are wonderful, so I found the tape with “Grandma’s Hands”–and a whole lot of other songs I love–plopped it in.  It’s scratchy and old, but it played.  And I have renewed interest in getting an ipod and downloading these favorite songs to it.  I’ll get advice from my children now and get about doing this new project.  I can stream the ipod into my hearing aids and will have fabulous clarity of sound.

Turns out Barbara Streisand sang “Grandma’s Hands” on my tape.  And some google searches discovered that the song was written by Bill Withers.  Both artists have their versions on utube, so you can hear it if you like quite easily.

And, here’s a picture of this Grandma’s Hands–at rest:

And, at work:

I am never so happy as when I am using my hands to do something–write, plant, weed, sew, knit, cook, paint.  My hands are such a huge part of my life.

PS:  The garlic pile produced–all together–four quarts of brined garlic and some leftovers to keep fresh for another week or so.

Turkey Tracks: Chickens in the Window

Turkey Tracks:  February 6, 2012

Chickens in the Window

Chickens are very social.

We are indoors a lot these days, winter being winter.  I love this time of quilting, knitting, cooking hearty foods.  It’s so restorative.

We’d get out more, but we’ve had a lot of ice with all the fluctuating temps melting the little bit of snow we have and then freezing it back into treacherous, mirror-like sheets of ice.  Two dear friends have already fallen and hit the back of their heads and are suffering with concussions and wrenched muscles.

Anyway, I can be working away at something in the quilt room or the laundry room, and I’ll get this feeling of being watched.  Sure enough, some of the chickens–or all of them–will be gathered in a window and looking at me.

Here are some chickens in the window earlier in the winter–before we had snow:

That’s Pretty Pierre to the left, the roo; Valentine next to him, a Freedom Ranger, and Rosie, a Copper Black Maran hen with beautiful neck markings.

If you talk to them, they crane their heads and, often, talk back.

Here they are not long ago–at the front door.  John was so enchanted he took pictures and sent out a Facebook entry about “the girls coming to tea.”

Don’t let anyone tell you chickens are dumb.  They’re not.  They know exactly how to get you to come give them some sunflower seeds or millet.  They know they’re sitting ducks in the snow, so stay in their coop.  And they know what to eat and what isn’t so good for them.

I love my chickens!  Even when they poop on all the porches.