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Turkey Tracks: March Means Spring

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Turkey Tracks:  March 20, 2012

March Means Spring

Here’s what’s on my dining room table today–thanks to sister Sue:

March also  means my birthday–which comes right in the middle of the month.  The 17th.  St. Patricks Day.

When I was four, we lived in Savannah, GA, and back then, they used to have a HUGE St. Patrick’s Day parade.  I used to think it was for me, of course.  Now I’m finding my birthday just goes on for days and days, and this year has been particularly blessed with greetings from loved ones, local events with friends, the Ipod touch and the renewed love of music, lots of fabric for the various scrappy quilting projects, and a gorgeous sweater I’m about halfway through knitting.

Anyway, the days are longer now.  The grass is greening up.  Our weather this week has been spectacular.  I had to go rummaging in my stored summer clothes in an under-the-eaves dry storage compartment to find some cooler tops and pants and a cotton sweater yesterday.  I sat in the sun OUTSIDE yesterday and had lunch with friends down in Damariscotta–after visiting Alewives quilting.

John is raking the yards, sweeping the drive, raking back the pathway rocks the snowplow pushed into the garden, and cleaning out the garage.  Soon we’ll unwrap the chickens’ coop cage and clean out the winter bedding.  The raspberries LOVE that bedding.  The chickens are all laying like crazy.  Soon we’ll fence off the garden so the hens can’t get at the peas we’ll plant and the emerging asparagras.  That bed will be four or five years old this year–I forget which–but we’re are anticipating a good harvest this spring.

Normally, the surrounding hills would be draining off melting snow–forming so many waterfalls that the hills look like they are draped with lace.  But, it’s been a very dry and warm winter.  We’ve already gotten two ticks off of Penny dog.  They are the strangest milky color–even when engorged.

The loss of our local paper is a very sad note.  I will continue to write the essays for this blog, however.  I promise.  And I’ll get back to the essay series on the Paleo diet in the next few days.  I promise that too.

Written by louisaenright

March 20, 2012 at 10:52 am

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