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Interesting Information: The CDC Announces Horrifying New Autism Rates

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Interesting Information:  April 24, 2012

The CDC Announces Horrifying New Autism Rates

The CDC has announced the following information:

1 in 88 children are now diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD);

1 in 54 boys; and

1 in 252 girls– which means BOYS ARE FIVE TIMES MORE LIKELY TO HAVE AN ASD.

This number represents a 78 PERCENT INCREASE in the past five years and a 23 percent increase in the LAST TWO YEARS.

Utah had the highest prevalence of autism:  1 in 47,  8-year olds.

New Jersey had 1 in 49.

Dr. Mercola, in “The Silent Time Bomb Now Affecting 1 in 54 Boys in the US,” asks “What’s really going on here?”  (See http://articles.mercola.com for more information.)

And, Mercola adds the following:

“Personally, I don’t see how anyone can look at a 78 percent increase of any health problem in a mere five years without snapping to attention.  Prior to the CDC’s announcement, the Canary Party, a citizens’ action group on autism, rightfully predicted that the CDC would down play the seriousness of these latest statistics.

On its new autism webpage, the CDC state they suspect some of the increase `is due to greater awareness and better identification’ among some of the children.

But even taking that possibility into consideration, the statistics are truly shocking.  How can one in 88American children have some form of autistic disorder?  In a normal, healthy environment, that just shouldn’t happen.  And the fact that it IS happening demands our immediate attention.  Something is going very wrong, very fast…”

That SOMETHING WRONG is toxic overload, according to Dr. Mercola.  I agree.

Here’s some contributing areas  Mercola identifies:

Environmental areas, of course.  But, which ones?

Likely, there are multiple factors.  Among them are the overuse and inappropriate use of vaccines–which may function as “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

And, our overuse of toxic chemicals–which are being put into our food, our air, our water, our clothing, our furniture, and on and on and on.   Key among these are mercury, toxic adjuvants in vaccines, phthalates, BPA, and so forth.

Electromagnetic fields need much more investigation.  Women who sleep in strong electromagnetic fields during pregnancy might give birth to babies that exhibit neurological abnormalities.  Computers, smart meters, cell phones, those baby-monitoring systems, microwaves, all throw electromagnetic waves.  I would not put those baby-monitoring systems into a baby’s room knowing what I now know, and I remind young parents that babies have survived just fine for all the thousands of years before the last 10, when these systems became “must haves” for child safety.

Vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women might be a factor.

And, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride is arguing that children born to parents with abnormal gut flora develop devestating gut and brain toxicity that leads to autism–all of which can be cured with diet.  If you are working with an autistic child, please, please read McBride’s book, GUT AND PSYCHOLOGY SYNDROME.  I wrote about the GAPS diet in my Mainely Tipping Points Essays on this blog, essay No. 31, “I Feel It In My Gut.”


Read Mercola’s article for more guidance, but, basically, do everything you can to lower toxic overload.  Buy organic foods; get rid of personal body care products and household cleaning products loaded with chemicals; and read up on vaccine dangers and only get the ones, if any, that seem the most necessary to you.

Clean up your diet.  Get rid of the junk food.  If it comes in a box, don’t eat it.  If it comes in a can, make sure it’s BPA free.  Limit carbohydrates, especially grains and legumes.  And, if you eat them, make sure you prepare them properly–more on this subject in upcoming Mainely Tipping Points essays.

SUPPORT THE IMMEDIATE INSTALLATION OF THE PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPAL.  All untested chemicals in circulation must now be tested–and tested by scientists who do not have financial interests in the outcome.  Nothing can be allowed into circulation that causes human harm.

We have to develop the POLITICAL WILL to make these changes–and that starts with understanding that we cannot continue down this road without dire, dire consequences.

One in 54 boys.  That’s at least one boy you know, for sure.

Written by louisaenright

April 24, 2012 at 6:55 pm

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