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Turkey Tracks: Fairy Houses of Maine

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Turkey Tracks:  July 1, 2012

Fairy Houses Of Maine


Fairy Houses are a big deal in Maine.

I first saw them nine years ago out on Monhegan Island–just scattered about as people had built them along island paths.

Boothbay Gardens–a beautiful place–has a fairy house section now.  Boothbay Gardens are new in the past five years or so and are well worth visiting.

There are books now:  Liza Gardner Walsh’s FAIRY HOUSE HANDBOOK came out this year (Downeast Books).  There are others, like Downeast’s FAIRY HOUSES OF THE MAINE COAST.

My granddaughters and I love to collect materials–which usually involves a long walk and filling up bags with flora and fauna–and then they are happy for several hours building and building.  The grandsons have been known to get involved, bringing tool chests with them.

On our May visit to Charleston, we took a book on fairy houses and spent a few happy hours collecting and building.  Shortly after we left, son Mike went out to the yard early one morning with his coffee and found one of these–among many more all along the pathway beyond these stairs.

Did the children make this house…

Or, did the fairies…

Having discovered a house where fairies are welcomed…