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Turkey Tracks: Highlights From Thanksgiving 2012

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Turkey Tracks:  December 15, 2012

Highlights From Thanksgiving 2012

Christmas is drawing close to us now.

But, I’m still savoring Thanksgiving.

Here’s one of my cherished moments:

In the woods, Nov. 2012

Here’s another:

Bo reading to kiddos, Nov 2012

Bo was reading to Kelly and Wilhelmina while waiting for muffins to cook.

Last summer we visited our neighbors Chris Richmond and Susan McBride Richmond–who had just started raising our Thanksgiving turkey at Golden Brook Farm.  I tried to remind the kiddos of this visit, but I don’t think they got it then or at Thanksgiving.  Probably there was too much going on the day of the visit to Golden Brook–the Richmond-McBrides have terrific children, some of whom are the same ages as some of our crew, and in addition to friendly children there were barns to explore and new sights to see.

Thanksgiving turkies, Aug. 2012

We got in two good hikes before the weather turned too cold for the clothing the children had available.  The first, up to the  Maiden Cliff area, is one of our favorites.  On the way there is a gorgeous stream to cross.  Here’s the view–the red in the foreground is a blueberry barren.  We live across the lake/river and back to the left on that range of hills.

Thanksgiving hike to Maiden Cliff, 2012 edited

After the weather turned off really cold (and has since, alarmingly warmed up again so that there is no snow at the Snow Bowl), we had to find all kinds of layers to keep the kiddos warm.  Here they are in front of the base of the Rockland Christmas Tree–which is all made of lobster crates and buoys.

kiddos and lobster Christmas tree, 2012 edited

Talula has lost a front tooth and is working on losing the other front tooth.

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December 15, 2012 at 12:51 pm

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