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Turkey Tracks: Winter Male Turkeys

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Turkey Tracks:  January 4, 2013

Winter Male Turkeys

Just before we got the BIG SNOW last week, the turkeys were visiting regularly.  One night a group of males nested in the trees just beyond the chicken coop–and answered back as I talked to them while locking down the coop for the night.  They are so HUGE up there high in the tree tops.

Right now, the hens and males are traveling in two separate bands.  But, we have seen them moving closer together recently.  I think they start mating up here sometime in February.  Or, maybe it’s just that they start forming separate, smaller bands, each with a male and a grouping of hens.  I can’t think the hens lay eggs and sit on them in two feet of snow!

Anyway, one day a larger-than-average group of males was all around the house–included were some younger males–clearly still juveniles.  (Average is about five males.)  The turkeys formed a line that swept, serpentine in movement, all around the back hill.  The line formed and reformed as different turkeys, mostly the juveniles I think, were pushed out of the band and rejoined it.  Occasionally one of the larger males would flare up his feathers and spread his tail.  All their heads were bright red–not the blue associated with mating.

Here they are in a brief, calmer moment.  In looking at the picture, maybe some were hens, though it seemed at the time like they were all males.

Dec 2012 male turkeys

I have no idea what was happening.  But it sure was fun to watch, which I did for about 15 minutes as the line moved erractically around the hill.

Rusty Bryan, any ideas????

Written by louisaenright

January 4, 2013 at 11:26 am

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  1. So awesome…our God has made some pretty unusual creatures…LOL

    Susan Heath

    January 4, 2013 at 12:46 pm

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