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Turkey Tracks: Shine On

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Turkey Tracks:  March 18, 2013

Shine On

A year before John died, my quilting chapter, Coastal Quilters, of Camden, Maine, brought us the most beautiful quilt.

“We are bringing you lots of hugs,” they said.

And, we felt each and every one of those hugs over the next year.  Some, many times over.

I called the quilt “Shine On” because it is a heritage quilt that will be passed on to a grandchild and will carry with it all the hugs and love that reside in its depths.   This quilt glows with light and warmth and will always “Shine On” down through the years with its beautiful colors and memories.

Here is a picture I took of it on my bed upstairs, where I take a picture of all the quilts.

Shine On edited

Here is a close-up of two of the many beautiful blocks that so many in the Coastal Quilters chapter made.

Shine on blocks edited

Here is a picture of the border fabric and the binding, each put on by Sarah Ann Smith, whose blog link is on the right sidebar.  Sarah designed the quilt; bought, washed, and ironed the fabrics; made kits for each interested quilter; squared up the blocks; and  assembled the quilt.  The quilting was done by Marge Hallowell’s Mainely Quilting in Nobleboro and is beautiful.  Marge also donated the batting for the quilt.

Shine On border

Here is a picture of the label, made by Barb Melchiskey:

Shine On label

And here is a picture of the downstairs room that son Mike and I put together for John for the day when he could not manage the stairs any more.  This room was formerly John’s office, so we thought he would be close to his computer as well.

Shine On on John's bed

John never made it to this bed, choosing instead to die in his own bed and in his own time.  And now I spend a lot of time in this room.  I’ve moved my computer down here.  And my quilting and research books.  And my quilting supplies are now in this closet.

The quilt speaks to me as I pass it many times each day, reminding me of all the love and the many hugs it holds.  For it “shines on.”

Written by louisaenright

March 18, 2013 at 4:50 pm

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