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Turkey Tracks: Dogs Being Dogs

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Turkey Tracks:  April 7, 2013

Dogs Being Dogs

First, watch this video I took the other day outside Boynton McKay, a favorite lunch and/or coffee spot here in Camden, Maine.  Local people often tie their dogs outside, where they wait patiently for their owners to eat.  The lighter lab I see frequently.  S/he behaves impeccably to passers-by.

So, what you have here is dogs doing what dogs do.  I didn’t see the second, dark lab as I came toward Boynton McKay.  But surely the woman walking the dog did.  So,what you have is TWO dogs waiting outside.  TWO equals trouble.  They will now back each other up.  Add in that they are feeling insecure because their owner is inside and they are in that big wide open world outside all alone.   Add in a third dog, a big dog, too, and you get…what you see in the video.  Even the best of dogs will behave this way.

Lesson:  if you are walking a dog and come upon TWO tied dogs outside of a store, give them a wide berth.  Stop above them as well and speak reassuringly to them.

Written by louisaenright

April 7, 2013 at 6:48 pm

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