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Turkey Tracks: A Mouse in the House!

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Turkey Tracks:  July 16, 2013

A Mouse in the House!

A few weeks back, Maryann Enright and I opened the new little grill I bought this year only to find a very extensive mouse nest.

I had used the grill only a few nights earlier, so it always amazes me that a mouse can bring so much material into the grill in such a short time.

We cleaned out the grill and proceeded with dinner.

But a few days later, I realized I had a mouse in the house–a mouse that was traveling all over the house actually–and leaving evidence of its travels.

Off I went to get mouse traps.

Mouse Traps

OK, this job is one that John always did.  And it took me some time and a few scary “snaps” before I finally got one loaded.  It’s been years since I put set, empty mouse traps on our couches back in Virginia to discourage our Springer Spaniels from getting on them.  (That works really well, by the way.)

The next morning, the mouse was dead.

I dealt with that too.

And I reloaded as “where there is one, there is often a family…”

I caught  No No Penny next.  (My female rat terrier.)

She spent the next day plastered to my side like my shadow, having learned some new vocabulary words like “hot” and “bad.”

The lone mouse must have run into the house when the doors were open a lot from the kitchen work.  Or, the night we found the nest…

Written by louisaenright

July 16, 2013 at 5:36 pm

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  1. Poor little Penny!


    July 16, 2013 at 10:16 pm

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