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Turkey Tracks: Gardens in the Watershed: Atkinson/Stich Successional Garden

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Turkey Tracks:  August 21, 2013

Successional Garden of Bo Atkinson and Alda Stich

The Atkinson/Stich Successional Garden has been forty-two years in the making.  Bo builds the alternative structures and Alda creates the fragrant perennial flower collections–fields of them.   A friend told me Alda did all the flowers for one of her children’s wedding–and that they were lovely.  Alda pioneered regional sales of fragrant perennial flower collections.

Out on the road, Bo has put up a sign that attempts to explain his structures:

Atkinson-Stich 9

And here is the whimsical outer wall on the road through which the visitor passes:

Atkinson-Stich 2

I wish my grandchildren had been with me for this garden visit.  They, as I did, would have loved it:


Here’s the view of the house, which sits just beyond the wall:

Atkinson-Stich 3

I loved this curved woodwork.


Atkinson-Stich 4

The back of the house has a grape-vine covered verandah that is cool and inviting–especially on the very hot day when we came to this garden.  People had gathered there to visit and enjoy one another.


This garden is designed to work with nature, not against it.  And Bo’s structures attempt the same goal.  Here is the building to the right of the house where seedlings are nurtured and protected:

Stkinson-Stich 5


Both Bo and Alda work to encourage local bird, frog and beneficial insect habitats.  There was a small pond with an arching bridge that led to a structure on the left side of the property.  Paths snaked through Alda’s fields of flowers.  I left feeling that these folks were living in concert with their surroundings–and that whatever they did to the land were attempts to enhance its natural habits.

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