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Books, Documentaries, Reviews: Toxic Hot Seat Movie

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Books, Documentaries, Reviews:  March 20, 2014



The documentary Toxic Hot Seat is going to be shown FREE at the Strand Theater in Rockland, Maine, on Sunday, March 30th, at 2 p.m.

Maine’s own Hannah Pingree, former state congresswoman and now a young mother, is featured in the documentary.  Hannah Pingree has been instrumental in getting the information in the documentary to the public–which has been largely unaware of how the chemical industry has used fire safety as an excuse to douse so many of our products (furniture, rugs, clothing, etc.) with highly flammable and poisonous chemicals.

Ms. Pingree was raised and lives on a pristine coastal Maine sland.  When she participated in a “body burden” analysis about ten years ago, she was shocked to discover how many chemicals were present in her body.  One of the participants of this study, MOFGA’s beloved Russell Libbey, died last year of cancer, many years before he should have died.  (MOFGA is the Maine Organic Farmers’ and Growers’ Association, and it hosts a yearly fair, the Common Ground Fair, each year in late September.)

I hope that many of you will be able to see this documentary in your own communities and will stop buying products saturated with these chemicals–if you can find them.

Take a look at the trailer and read the information:  Toxic Hot Seat Movie.

Know, too, that this situation is another of what I am now calling a “kool aid” circuit–based on the notion that a group of people followed a charismatic leader into the jungle and willingly drank the poison he gave them.  This fire retardant issue is such a circuit since an entity (in this case the chemical industry) knowingly manufactured, publicized, and used bad information in order to sell a product for you to use.  Often, and it’s true in this case, “safety” is the mechanism being used to promote lethal practices that harm people and that have NO reputable science behind them.  So, yes, there is a conspiracy here.  Here’s a quote from the web site about this documentary:

Set against the backdrop of the award-winning 2012 Chicago Tribune investigative series “Playing With Fire,” TOXIC HOT SEAT threads together an intricate story of manipulation that details how Big Tobacco skillfully convinced fire safety officials to back a standard that, in effect, requires all furniture to be filled with toxic flame retardants. The film continues to untangle how the chemical companies obscure the risks to public health and misrepresent chemical safety data by paying “experts” to alarm legislators and the public about the deadly risk of removing chemical flame retardants from our homes.

AGAIN, know that you CANNOT depend upon the government regulatory agencies to protect you from what industry is doing in this country.

You have got to investigate and act for yourself–and that is where I am trying to help all of us understand where real science exists and where the notion of it is being misused.

Written by louisaenright

March 20, 2014 at 2:43 pm

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