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Turkey Tracks: Beef Bone Broth Today

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Turkey Tracks:  April 17, 2014

Beef Bone Broth Today


This morning I started a beef bone broth.

A good bone broth is chock full of all sorts of minerals and fats that your body LOVES!

I started with beef bones, celery, onions (skin on if they are clean), carrots.  I cook them at about 400 until they are brown and toasty.  Stir once or twice.




The white circle in the middle of the bone is the marrow–and that’s from where gelatin comes.  Gelatin is, again, chock full of nutrients that are good for you.


Here’s what the bones look like after cooking:


DO NOT DISCARD THIS FAT IT IS REALLY, REALLY GOOD FOR YOU.  Good fat provides a constant, steady source of energy–unlike the energy from sugar which yo-yos you up and down and causes problems with your hormones, like how your insulin reacts.

Put the ENTIRE contents of this pan into a large pot and add water, something acid (a little wine or vinegar helps extract the minerals), and some salt.

Look at the lovely dark color of this broth:


I will simmer this broth for 12 to 24 hours.  Add water as needed.  Turn it off when you leave the house or when you go to bed.  It can sit overnight UNCOVERED in its pan overnight.  Just reheat in the morning and start simmering again.

When you’re ready, strain the broth.  I have a big strainer I like to use.  Throw away the bones and spent veggies.  DON’T GIVE COOKED BONES TO DOGS.

Use the broth, or freeze some of it.  Don’t fill a Ball Jar too full or it will split open in the freezer.  Leave plenty of room.

I’m going to make a hearty stew with this batch of broth–leeks, roasted tomato sauce from my stash, mushrooms, lamb stew meat, some dried tomatoes and zucchinis I dehydrated last summer, carrots–and that is as far as I have gotten in thinking about the stew today.



Written by louisaenright

April 18, 2014 at 12:25 pm

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