Turkey Tracks: Chefs Secret Moka Pot

Turkey Tracks:  July 6, 2015

Chefs Secret Moka Pot

Where did June get to?

I cannot believe that it is already July 6th!

This summer is fffffllllllyyyying by so fast I am dizzy.

One of my very favorite things to do these days is to have a coffee some time after lunch.

And not just any coffee-something involving espresso.  Two shots.  Vanilla.  Steamed whole milk.  A latte…

Nothing replaces the espresso that comes from a big industrial machine.  But…  My budget needs help on this one.  And I’m not crazy about the sugar in commercial vanilla flavoring.  Even though I dictate “not too sweet,” the sugar level does not feel great.

A friend told me about Moka pots–which can make espresso on your stove top.

The resulting espresso is pretty darn good.  Especially as I can use my whole raw milk and local wild honey.

I found a STAINLESS STEEL Moka pot at Amazon:  Chefs Secret.  It costs between $11 and $16, depending upon Amazon’s mood.  (Do NOT buy an aluminum pot:  aluminum is toxic.)


This little pot holds 6 ounces of water–so is a good amount of espresso for my BIG coffee cup.

(Note that this 4-cup pot means espresso cups, which are TINY–just a little over an ounce.)

Here’s how the little pot comes apart.

The base has that little gold valve–and you fill the pot WITH HOT WATER (or it will take forever to heat).  I measure the hot water into a measuring cup (6 ounces) as it’s hard to see where the valve is on the inside of the pot with the hot water steam getting in the way.

Then you drop in the espresso cup–filled with coffee.  Do NOT tamp it down.  And you’ll have to experiment to see how fine to grind your coffee.  Too thick, and the coffee is too diluted.  To fine, and things get clogged up.  And, screw on the top–you’ll need a hot pad to hold the now-hot base.



Here’s how the coffee part fits into the base.




Put the little pot on the heat and it will start gurgling.  When it finishes, which only takes a few minutes which pass quickly as the pot is singing to you, remove it from the heat and let it sit for about 45 seconds.  (I don’t know why; that’s just the advice given online.)

NOW I’m going to up the ante.

Years ago, I bought a frother to make heated frothy milk.

I LOVE this frother.

While the pot sings to me, I let the raw milk SLOWLY get warm.  And while the silent pot sits, I froth up the milk.



VOILA!  My homemade latte espresso coffee treat.



I sent immediately for a second pot so I can make a cup for a friend as well.




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I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

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