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Books, Documentaries, Reviews: “Chemotherapy is a Waste of Money”

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Books, Documentaries, Reviews:  November 9, 2015

“Chemotherapy is a Waste of Money”

Peter Glidden is a Naturopath.

Naturopaths get very similar training to MDs, except that NDs get a lot more education about nutrition and come at illness with an entirely different focus.  NDs believe in the innate ability of the body to heal itself IF it is getting the right nutrients and is in balance.  Curing illness, thus, requires restoring balance to the body and, maybe, the spirit/mental outlook on life.

MDs, especially today, manage disease and use technical methods that come from outside of the body and involve a “war on the body” mentality:  MDs cut, poison, and burn the body in an attempt to eradicate disease.

Glidden believes that there can be a strong roll for some surgery, especially in emergencies, but does not believe that strategies of poison and burning (radiation) work.

Statistics bear Glidden out.

Glidden’s book The MD Emperor Has No Clothes is an angry, bitter book.  But it clearly describes the differences between these two practitioners.


And, of course, there is a history to this bifurcation between NDs and MDs.  Mainstream medicine’s development reflects the development of a system of cultural power that was able to drive out its competition by labeling it “quackery” and by passing laws that disallowed its practices.  Yet, there is an absence of data to support cut, poison, burn as applied to disease–and glaring absences of science that should be explored, but…are not.  Meanwhile, the competition does have success rates.  Just look at the history of Burzynski’s treatments for brain cancer, or Hoxie’s plant/herb based treatments for cancer, or the many practices across the world today that are having an amazing success in healing cancer.  (You can explore this arena in the nine-part documentary series The Truth About Cancer:  A Global Quest, the work of Ty Bollinger.)

Mainstream medicine attempted to buy both Burzynski’s and Hoxie’s treatments, and when that did not work, has attempted to ban them.  Burzynski has won every legal battle thrown his way, and he has faced down something like 20 legal challenges.  The FDA even tried to steal Burzynski’s patents on his treatment formulas.   (There are two excellent documentaries on this slimy story.)  Hoxie moved his clinic to Mexico where patients are being cured daily.

Here in America, industry has us by the throat and is preventing any real exploration of what might work to heal cancer.  And, profiting mightily with surgery, chemo, and radiation.  And is busily trying to bring NDs into a role of helping poison/burn patients fare better than they normally do by inhancing needed nutrition.  In many states, NDs are not allowed to practice.  If you live in one of these states, try to find a chiropracter who has a lot of nutritional knowledge.  They often have very similar training to an MD or NDs.

Do note that two large studies in recent years have shown that the war on cancer, as it is being waged, is lost.  Chemo and radiation do not work.  Two large studies clearly show that hemo has a success rate of from 3 to 5 percent for all cancers.  New synthetic drugs that will cure are not forthcoming.  So, best we return to looking at how our bodies fit into the natural world (read plants here–which cannot be patented) and how to restore balance that actually cures the body.

Here’s Glidden on chemotherapy:

▶ Chemotherapy is a Waste of Money – YouTube.

Here’s something I truly believe, and I feel that this is the path to travel, especially after watching “The Truth About Cancer:  A Global Quest.”


Turkey Tracks: Allietare: Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Quilt 2015

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Turkey Tracks:  November 15, 2015


Bonnie Hunter’s 2015 Mystery Quilt

I’m ready!

I leave for Charleston, SC, to be with my family for Thanksgiving, but my fabrics are ironed and ready to go.

Allietare, writes Bonnie, is Italian, and means “joyful,” “abundance,” etc.  Bonnie, in her introduction at quiltville.com (the quilt’s instructions are on the top tabs), says this quilt was inspired by her recent trip to Italy.  She will post the first clue on Black Friday–so I will be a bit behind the starting gate as I will get home on Monday.  Guess what I’ll be doing first thing December 1st…

Here are my fabrics:

The colors:


The grey will be constant in the quilt.  The rest, in true scrappy fashion, I will mix up as much as possible.

And the neutrals and paint cards that serve as a guide:



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