Turkey Tracks: Birthday Balloons

Turkey Tracks:  March 23, 2016

Birthday Balloons

Friend Linda McKinney brought me some birthday balloons last Thursday, my birthday day.

I don’t think anyone has ever brought me birthday balloons.


The balloons, as you can see, are still going strong, and I smile and feel happy every time I see them.

This birthday has been one of the best ever.

I am so blessed with my family and my friends!!!

This last year has been a really good one for me.


Turkey Tracks: Handmade Cards

Turkey Tracks:  March 23, 2016

Handmade Cards

Coastal Quilters (Maine) members have been making handmade greeting cards.

We’ll use them to thank our speakers, to honor members’ birthdays, and to send a greeting for whatever reason we need.

Handmade cards are also good sellers in the fund-raising auction we hold every other year.

This card (Cosmos!) was made by Gail Galloway Nicholson.  She fused the tiny pieces with Steam-A-Seam, placed them on the card, and ironed them down.



This card was made by Maggie Schwamb.  She learned how to make this kind of card while visiting family.  She glued a facing piece on the inside of the card to hide the stitching.


When I finish a quilt, I take some pictures of it as I keep a notebook that archives my quilts.  I note down all the quilt math, the blocks used, the pantograph, etc.  And I’ve gone back to that information many  many times while making other quilts.  I also take a few extra pictures and insert them into greeting cards.


Given the cost of greeting cards, taking some time to make some seems a good thing.  Besides, it’s a lot of fun.


Turkey Tracks: Katja Marek’s EPP: THE NEW HEXAGON

Turkey Tracks:  March 23, 2016


Katja Marek has designed 52 hexagon blocks, each of which has been split into interesting shapes.

AND, there are many ways to use these blocks.

AND, there are many ways to make these blocks.

First, you can use other shapes to combine the hexagons into a quilt, like the triangles on the cover.


Like THE FARMER’S WIFE books, each block has a female name.

You can draw your own templates.  Or, you can go to English Paper Piecing LLC and buy the pieces for each block.  I bought the whole package to make all 52 blocks.  AND/OR, you can buy a set of acrylic templates that help you fussy cut and/or make your own paper pieces.  (I’m going to try to make my “fussy cut” pieces by tracing pieces onto template plastic.)



BUT, BUT, BUT, what I discovered in the past few days is that Marek is ALSO making these blocks into finished tiny quilts that you then sew together to make a quilt.  They are SO CUTE!  Each has a neutral low-volume fabric border.

Here are some pics from Instagram:

A single “quilt-let”:

And several in a pile:

I’m going to do this latter project BEFORE doing a project linked by the triangles.

These blocks, without the neutral border, have three-inch sides.

The English Paper Piecing LLC site has materials for BOTH Marek’s projects:  the Millifiore quilt I’m going to do AND these little “quilt-lets.”  The book has the three-inch blocks and the English PP LLC site also has a four-inch project.