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Interesting Information:  August 20, 2016

The Healing Power of Germs

Today the news is filled with hysteria about the Zika virus spreading in the United States–a virus that has been around for quite some time.  The hysteria is not taking into consideration other factors/correlations that may produce maimed infants.  Instead, without adequate research into those other factors (agricultural and insecticide poisons, GMO mosquitoes, and mandating mothers have a DTAP vaccine without one shred of safety testing on either the mother or the fetus), our so-called health organizations are pushing for yet another vaccine while cities are drenching their populations with insecticides that will kill EVERYTHING.

When I was growing up, my mother, like most of her generation, had an absolute horror about germs.

We traveled with bottles of Lysol, the emerging television programs were mostly funded by ads for cleaning or insect-eradicating products, and health scares like the polio “epidemic” went hand-in-hand with Russian nuclear terror.

Back in those days, the 1950s, travel for a family was mostly by car.  We used to drive on two-lane roads for two or three days to get “home” to Reynolds, Georgia.  Mother packed food for us to eat.  We often stopped to pee in the woods for they were far cleaner than the roadside gas stations of that era.  And when we did have to stop at one of these dives, mother went in with the Lysol bottle first while issuing warnings about not sitting on the toilet seat as you could get heinous, horrible diseases.  (It was a relief when my doctor uncle finally said that for us to get a dreaded sexual disease we would have to be misbehaving with an infected someone of the opposite sex on the toilet seat.  And could someone please, please tell the women of today to sit down as they do not need to be peeing all over the seat and the surrounding floor in public bathrooms.)

Looking back, it’s easy to see now just how surrounded all of us were by market strategies that were going to “protect” us, but that involved products to sell to us.


Science moves on.  And one of the most startling discoveries is that our bodies NEED stimulation from various illnesses to strengthen our immune systems.  AND, that we are FILLED with “germs” which are part and parcel of who we are.  I am loving and welcoming the discovery of the microbiome.

Sayer Ji of GreenMedInfo has written an interesting and thoughtful piece about where these discoveries about germs should lead us.  SHOULD, I say, knowing the odds as we are still immersed in so many drug ads on our televisions and in medical “knowledge” that is selling us drug-based interventions that are said will make us healthy and safe.  (Did you know that only one other country allows drug ads on television?  New Zealand.  And who would risk taking any of those drugs once listening to the side effects?)

Healthy and Safe?  Really?

Here’s a quote:

What makes this situation all the more surreal is the relatively recent discovery of the microbiome, namely, the 100 trillion viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, which outnumber our own cells 10-1, and which proves that we are more “germ” than “human,” and in many respects, would not be alive without them: e.g. about 8% of our genome is retroviral in origin, 90% of our immune system depends on bacteria in our gut. How, then, can these microorganisms be as deadly as we are told, while at the same time be responsible for making possible our life itself?

Germs are not “other.”  They are “us.”  Eradicating them without understanding their full function in our bodies, in the world, is…foolish…and is producing a host of unintended consequences that are NOT good for us.

Take a minute and take a look at Sayer Ji’s article.  And take more minutes and think about what he is saying about your health and mine.


Source: The Healing Power of Germs? | GreenMedInfo | Blog Entry

Sayer Ji, December 9, 2016.