Turkey Tracks: My Post Sailing Surprise

Turkey Tracks:  September 27, 2016

My Post Sailing Surprise

I’m pretty sure I’ve written about how challenging my garden has been this–now past–summer.

(Fall really has come to Maine.)

We had cool temps at night until August, when I was finally able to get some zucchini and cucumbers to germinate.  And then there is the ongoing drought, which is very severe.  I have a well, so I have been worrying about it going dry, as many in the region have.  I do not think we will have much leaf color this year either as the leaves are just turning brown and dropping off the trees.

I left for my “Slow Sewing at Sea” sail on the J&E Riggin with some small cukes forming on vines that were now running everywhere and zucchini plants blooming.  (The Sun Gold cherry tomatoes and chard I planted from bought plants are doing great–and maybe that will be the trick next year.)

So, on Sunday, after Bellevue High School classmate (1963) Penny Rogers Camm left to drive home (Burlington, Vermont)–taking with her the cut blocks FOR HER FIRST QUILT, I mowed.  Imagine my surprise when I suddenly saw this zucchini nestled in the cold frame among the zucchini leaves and stalks:


Good Lord!!  How did that happen???  It’s HUGE.

I cut it up today and put the pieces in the dehydrator–along with the Sun Golds cut into half, which I let ripen inside for two days.

That’s the last garden tomato of this season in the blue bowl.

And the light yellow squash is a spaghetti squash, a squash I love.

Now, when I use the dried zuke this winter, I’ll remember my reaction when I first saw it.  And I will laugh.

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I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

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