Turkey Tracks: Lavender Orpington Hens and a Blue Wheaten Rooster

November 5, 2016

Lavender Orpington Hens and a Blue Wheaten Rooster

A friend has some lavender Orpington hens just coming into laying age.

Rose Lowell gave her one of the Blue Wheaten Roosters for her flock.

We are all wondering how gorgeous the babies from this mix will be.

Here’s a little video:

Turkey Tracks: Black Gold From Vermiculture Worms

Turkey Tracks:  November 4, 2016

Black Gold From Vermiculture Worms

I have almost finished winterizing outside–thanks to Mat Jandreau.

Yesterday we emptied the worm bin into the cold frame outside.  It was really heavy for both of us to carry.  (Note to self:  do this task earlier in the fall.)

Penny was very interested.  She really tries to help as much as she can.


I washed out the bin and picked out worms to go back inside, covered them with shredded paper, and will feed them as soon as I have kitchen compost again.

I moved the cold frame this year to a new spot.  The frame is kind of deep, so I used the soil from all the container pots to build it up again.  Then I added what compost I had ready.  I layered the bin with newspapers, to hold the worms in place until I could get some of them back, and we dumped the worms.

We are getting rain, so I’ve left the frame open so the rain can further wash the nutrients from this “black gold” all through the cold frame.

After the rain, I’ll seed with some lettuce and button it all up for the cold months.  Last year some delicious romaine lettuce sprouted up in the cold frame.  Let’s see what happens with intentional seeding.

Here’s a little video: