Turkey Tracks: First Mowing and No No Penny’s Turtle

Turkey Tracks:  May 19, 2017

First Mowing and No No Penny’s Turtle

I finally was able to mow the spring grass last Tuesday as it was dry enough.  It was slow going as my electric mower does not like long grass.  The back yard just off the rock wall still has standing water, but I went back with the weed whacker.

Now the white daffodils along the walk are blooming.  And you can see the garlic is well up.

No No Penny rolled in the newly cut grass until she was green all over.  Mercy!

A few days later I heard her barking and barking–the I’ve got something trapped bark.  I always fear an encounter with a porcupine so I checked.

A water turtle in the Bishop’s weed above the intermittent creek.  It has probably washed down in recent rain storms.   These guys can move pretty fast, so it will find its way to the wetland below the house and on into the big creek there.

If Penny leaves it alone.

These turtles have beautiful colors–bright reds and greens on the head, feet, and tail.

I put it back into the weeds three times and tried to distract Penny–who kept picking it up in her mouth and carrying it across the yard.

I finally gave up.  She is attracted by the movement and can’t get to the turtle itself.

She was still asking to go out to check on it hours and hours later.


PS:  It is Sunday already.  And I mowed today as we are getting rain tomorrow.  The black flies are still so bad.  Somehow they get inside your clothes.  Come on in, month of June!




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