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Turkey Tracks: “Bits and Pieces” Quilt

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Turkey Tracks:  June 3, 2017

“Bits and Pieces” Quilt

“I really like that quilt,” said my friend on a visit to Alewives Fabrics in Damariscotta Mills, Maine, nearly a year ago now.  My friend is a MASTER knitter, and her expression of interest in the “Bits and Pieces” quilt was the first time I’ve ever heard her admire a quilt.

This quilt design comes from Midcoast Cottage Design, a local Maine company, and I’ve since seen it made in different color combos.  But my friend saw the quilt as it is on the pattern cover–made with Carolyn Friendlander’s “Doe” fabric collection.  Well!  “Doe” was now getting hard to find, so other friends and I scurried to round up the components.


I LOVE this quilt!  And it was such a pleasure to work on.

I used one of the neutrals from Friedlander’s NEW collections for the off-white background–something about “cattle” and “shadows.”  I adore this fabric, actually!

…and have it in a number of different colorways.

The backing is also from this year’s Friedlander collections.  It blends perfectly with the front and the thread I used I think.

Try this quilt!  You’ll like it!  Good stash buster…

Interesting Information: “What a year with a single tree reveals about climate change – The Boston Globe”

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Interesting Information:  June 3, 2017

Plants and Climate Change

SIL Maryann Enright brought me the article below on her last visit.

I do hope you read it–especially as this week Trump announced he is withdrawing the USA from the Paris Accords and is presently refusing to clarify whether or not he still believes climate change is a “hoax.”

Plants hold the keys to some really important information about how Earth functions–or should function if we would stop destroying that which we do not yet understand.

I started reading about the incredible sophistication of plants with herbalist Stephen Buhner’s books.  I was blown away by what I was reading–how smart plants are, how they use chemicals to communicate, how they manage their environments, and so on.  There is an entry from 2013 here on the blog about Stephen Buhner’s information/books.  You can use the search button on the right sidebar to get to it if the link below does not work.  This work is scientific, of the Nobel Prize winning kind.

Meanwhile, take a look at Lynda V. Mapes article from The Boston Globe Magazine (April 30, 2017).   She recounts an interesting study, made among other ongoing interesting studies.


Source: What a year with a single tree reveals about climate change – The Boston Globe


Interesting Information: Belief Systems and “You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you – The Oatmeal”

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Interesting Information:  June 3, 2018

Belief Systems and

“You’re Not Going To Believe What I’m About To Tell You”

A friend sent me this little comic book exploration of belief systems and how we physically react when our own belief systems are challenged.

It’s fascinating.  And, well done I think.  Well worth a view and some afterthought.  Especially since our belief systems operate in incredibly powerful ways in our lives–and not always for the better.


Source: You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you – The Oatmeal

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