Turkey Tracks: Garlic Harvest

Turkey Tracks:  September 18, 2017

Garlic Harvest

I had a bumper garlic harvest this year.

The grand kiddos helped me pull the plants and laid them out in the garage attic to dry.  They did such a nice job.  Much better than I would have done.  All the fronds were neatly laid in strips.

I cut the stems the other day and roughly cleaned up the bulbs.

Along the way I found a garlic scape that had gone to seed.  You may recall that most folks, me among them, cut these garlic “flowers” and eat them in various ways–which is done in late June, early July.  Here’s what happens if you don’t cut them–they become the home of a whole bunch of tiny garlics that will grow new plants.  There are always a few of these “escapees” in the garden each year, and they form clumps of growing garlic plants.

So interesting…

Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

One thought on “Turkey Tracks: Garlic Harvest”

  1. You have such interesting posts. Garlic is good for everything and I’m so happy that you feel you have a handle on things. The goal is not to just survive; but, to “THRIVE”. It sounds like you found your formula. Better health, better sewing; oh goodness you are so good now, what is to come in the future.

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