Turkey Tracks: Fall Scenes

Turkey Tracks:  September 30, 2017

Fall Scenes

It’s been a busy week.  SIL Maryann came up to collect some plants from my garden.  Here’s what we dug up:

Phlox, Bellflower (pale pink), cone flowers, liriope, Rose Campion seedlings, Joe Pye Weed, climbing hydrangea, assorted herbs, a big clump of hosta, violets, rudbekia (black-eyed Susan), and Sparkle strawberry plants.  I’m sure I’m leaving something out.

Nice visit–which included lots of Rummikub games.  It was close but she’s the winner this time.

My Blue Hubbard squashes did “make.”  Oh yes.  They “made” all over the garden.  They are small this year, due to the drought, but they will be good.  They are about the size of basketballs now and should be twice that size.

I’ve planted Morning Glories for two years now.  This is the FIRST BLOOM I’ve seen–and it’s nearly October 1.  I’m going to start some clematis on this fence next year.  Maybe the small bloom, white one that turns into a white snowdrift in August.

The wild asters are beautiful this year.  They come in white, pale lavender, and these rich purple and pinks.  They are the back-end of the wildflower season that the lupines began back in May/June.  I stopped along the road on the way home from an errand and took these pictures.

The temps dropped off last night.  Great sleeping weather.  Sunny today, but I dragged out leggins and have on a sweater.  The light is low now, and it is getting dark early.  It’s time to switch to early morning activities when the light is at its best.

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