Turkey Tracks: Walking Haikus, Haiku 6

Turkey Tracks:  November 25, 2017

Walking Haikus


November 23, 2017

Walking haikus make

Themselves with no distractions

Soul rhythms emerge


Thanksgiving day No No Penny and I walked our “lake” walk.  It’s one of the areas where she can be off-leash, which pleases us both.

The following pictures illustrate what happens when one just sees, hears, and feels on a walk…

…because then an attachment to nature emerges.

The lake is still low from the summer and early fall drought:

The wind over the water is cold so I don a hat and gloves and tighten my neck scarf and zip up my coat.  The cold wind is bracing though and clears out one’s head.

I am reminded of friend Giovanna McCarthy when I feel the warmth of the scarf she made me around my neck.

Penny sets a good pace for us.  But she wanders, too, and that’s what a walk is about for her.  If she gets too far behind, two whistles bring her running to touch my palm.  It’s a game she likes.

The leaves are all gone now.  Look at the color of the sky.  It’s so blue.  It’s not unusual to see rock climbers scaling that cliff.

A view of the lake in the bend of the road.  the white speck at the left edge of the road is Penny.

A small group of mallards comes close enough to get a picture.  The blue sky’s reflections dance across the water.

When I get back into the car, my head is full of haikus.


Turkey Tracks: Ready, Set, Go!

Turkey Tracks:  November 25, 2017

Ready, Set, Go!

The first clue for the 2017 Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, “On Ringo Lake,” came out yesterday.

I’m ready!

All my fabrics are ironed and ready to be cut.

The first clue will need the black, the grey, and the neutrals.  Nine 9-patches with grey, neutrals, and the black in the center.

Visit Bonnie Hunter’s blog instructions if you want to join in or see what’s in Clue 1:  Quiltville.com.  The “On Ringo Lake” tab is at the top of the blog.