Turkey Tracks: “Big Star: Cotton+Steel” Quilt

Turkey Tracks:  February 8, 2018


“Big Star:  Cotton+Steel” Quilt

It’s finished!

I designed the big funky star in an Amy Friend workshop last spring–using her improv paper piecing design process.  The book is IMPROV PAPER PIECING.  I used all Cotton+Steel for the big stars.  And I manipulated color in the center of the stars to get the internal star shape at the center.  The block is 16 inches with four quadrants of 8 inches that come together.

There are lots of “big star” forms out in the quilty world, but mine are “funky.”

I used this very fun aqua print for the back.  And I like the light binding a lot.  I like the dark grey background, too.  It feels very rich and warm.

The design throws a lot of patterns.  Here is an octagon.

Here is a big fan with a funky center.

And when seen in other ways, the diamonds form lines up and down the quilt.

I wanted quilting that did not in any way distract from the pattern, so I used a medium grey thread and just made a grid of wavy lines.  It worked beautifully as where they c tossed made odd-shaped funky diamond forms.


Turkey Tracks: Mt. Battie Modern Traveling Quilts January 2018

Turkey Tracks:  February 4, 2018

Mt. Battie Traveling Quilts January 2018

The traveling quilts are beyond amazing.  Each time we see them, they get larger and more exciting.

Here is Joanne Moore’s quilt, with writing added by Lynn Vermeulen and the f lower block in the upper right corner by Nancy Wright.


Here is MY QUILT, and boy do I love it!  Becca added the line of paper-pieced flowers on the left, the fabric squares above them, and the line of trees above the words.  Trees and flowers, what’s not to like?

Becca  ordered the graphic village fabric that is around the flowers after I asked her if she knew who made it.  That was a lovely surprise.

She later told me she had made this strip below because I love her selvage spider webs, but that she could not work it into the quilt.  I took it and will see that it gets worked in along the way because this spider web is something she has been designing for some time now.  More on that in another post.

Here is Lynn Vermeulen’s quilt.  Joann Moore added the thread spools and button on the left.  The fabric around that block pulls down a lot of the color going on in the quilt.


Vicki Fletcher made these two blocks for Linda Satkowski’s quilt.  She wanted to add an animal and an insect to Linda’s “community.”

Margaret-Elaine Jinno added this coastal block as we live on the coast with mountains that come down to the sea.

The above blocks will go into the blocks below.

Nancy Wright added this flower block to Vicki Fletcher’s quilt.

It will probably go on the right side with the other flowers.

Tori Manzi added the round blocks, the heart, and the rose  to Becca’s quilt, and Margaret Elaine added the colored pencils.


Linda Satkowski added the row of mountains to Nancy Wright’s quilt.  Becca’s saying is “never stop looking up.”  Margaret Elaine Jinno added a row of adorable birds for the bottom.   I’ll get that picture next time.

I had Gus Bruns quilt this last time, and I spent a lot of time joining up the parts.  Here is the left side.

I left a big center in the middle to fill.  The right side and bottom are connected.

I added the row of made fabric on the left, the bear on the aqua fabric at the bottom, and loads of connecting strips.  Margaret Elaine Jinno added the fox in the circle in the middle and a poem about the fox below–with an orange moon.

We are all busy now working on the quilts we picked up at the meeting.  We will see them again in February.  And I hope we can devise a way to display them a bit better.