Turkey Tracks: My Traveling Quilt

Turkey Tracks:  March 26, 2018

My Traveling Quilt

There’s Tori Manzi pointing to the awesome tattoo block she made for my quilt.  It’s by Berene Campbell, Happy Sew Lucky.  Here’s a really good example of the things you can learn when you associate with other quilters.  Campbell has a whole set of tattoo motifs on her blog and store, and she has finished a quilt made with her tattoo blocks.  They are exciting!  I hope you go on a little visit to her web sites soon–and she is also on Instagram:  HappySewLucky.wordpress.com and http://www.HappySewLucky.com.

Thank you Tori!  And I also love the moon in the blue night sky.  Tori started us making these round log cabin blocks, and I’m so happy she put one in my quilt.

She also did this long border on the right.  She learned this technique, I think, at the Pink Castle (great fabric web site) GlamStitchALot (or something like that).  I admired it about two years ago–and she remembered.


There is just so much love and thoughtfulness in this quilt.  So many wonderful friends have made me something really special.  I will treasure it forever!!!


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