Turkey Tracks: Roasted Veggies

Turkey Tracks:  April 5, 2018

Roasted Veggies

I roast winter veggies frequently.  And when I do, I roast a lot so I have another meal.  Or, two.  (I have to be careful as leftovers grow histamine as they age.)

But aren’t these gorgeous?  I drizzle with some olive oil on top and on the bottom before I throw in the veggies.  One could toss the veggies around to more thoroughly coat them.  Sometimes I even do that.  I dress with salt and dried herbs.  I often add chopped fresh garlic.  Adding mint I dried last fall gives these veggies a subtle, but deep sweet flavor to the roasting.  One could also add something like curry powder or other Indian spices.

This time I tried beets (red and orange) in the mix.  I just washed them, cut off the ends, peeled them with a carrot peeler and cut them into bite-sized pieces.  They were so sweet and delicious!

Turkey Tracks: A New Stash Management Plan

Turkey Tracks:  April 5, 2018

A New Stash Management Plan

Tori Manzi asked if any of the Mt. Battie Modern quilters would like to pull some fabrics from their stash as she was going to send fabrics to a group of young quilters (teenagers, I think) in California whose quilts were on display at QuiltCon this year.  I pulled some, yes.  And I assume she’s mailed what we collected.

But that pulling for her started a hurricane of stash pulling.  There are just so many fabrics that I am not using.  They’re beautiful fabrics, but my tastes have radically changed.  I’m working with lighter, brighter fabrics these days.   And I’m a bit tired of guilting myself about not using…this:


I bundled what I pulled into color bundles.  And I am playing these bundles forward.  Two people who are just getting—or getting back—into quilting have raided these bundles.  And that makes me happy.  I’ll take some to Mt. Battie and will put some in the Coastal Quilters auction this fall—assuming there are any left at that point.  What will be, will be.

Cotton+Steel also makes me happy too.  Here are my March blocks for our Mt. Battie Modern “Long Time Gone” challenge.  Those little churn dash blocks will finish at 3 inches, and THEY ROCK!  They are fun to make and are so darn cute.

I’m not as fond of the crosses/star block.  But it is DONE.  On to the next.