Turkey Tracks: “Cool” Selvage Quilt Finished

Turkey Tracks:  July 20, 2018

“Cool” Selvage Quilt Finished

Summer is a busy, busy family and garden time for me.  So I have not posted to the blog as a result.

Still, I have had some time to sew.

I finished the selvage quilt I’ve worked on off and on for about a year.  I chose the “cool” colors–and love this quilt so much that I will make it again in the “warm” colored selvages I have collected.  I have LOTS of those now.  I might make it a bit bigger too since I like it so much.  Who knows.

I enlarged the block size from Amy Friend’s “Circuitry” quilt, found in her INTENT

IONAL PIECING.  And I used patterned fabrics around the selvage parts of the block rather than more subtle fabrics.

I quilted with a light grey t40-weight hread (Signature) and tried the McTavishing style of quilting.  I was really, really not sure I would like McTavishing as I spent four nights drawing on paper to try to get the scale bigger than one might do on a domestic machine.  I have to say that I really love the texture.  As I went along, I got more proficient AND I got braver about filling in open spaces.  I can’t wait to McTavish again.

I chose this Cotton+Steel fabric for the backing because I’ve always loved it and got a really good price for it on Amazon, via fabric.com.  This fabric is an older one, so I was lucky to find it.  And I figured any problems I created with the quilting would not show so much on the back.

My intent was to make this quilt a functional, washable quilt for, maybe my bedroom, where Penny tends to lick herself and leave spots.  But, for the moment, here it is:

You can see along the bottom where my McTavishing was more tentative, leaving lots of space.

Can’t wait to make “Warm.”

Turkey Tracks: On a Mission…

Turkey Tracks:  July 20, 2018

On A Mission…

…to reduce the squirrel/chipmunk numbers at my house.

Every morning when I went down to my front porch, the critters had dug up the container pots.

Dirt everywhere.

Sunflower seeds coming up in pots.

I tried this trap first:

It sets by lifting the handle to lock it in place.

It worked twice.  Then would not trigger when an animal was walking all over the inside trip plate–a common complaint according to google.  Back it went–with my recommendation that the store send ALL of these back to Havahart.  DO NOT BUY THIS TRAP.

Different store, different traps next.  Two door traps that WORK.

One large, for the grey squirrels.  One small again for the red squirrels and chipmunks.

Count so far is 13 rehomed.  I have relocated 6 red squirrels (my goodness they are aggressive), 6 chipmunks, and ONE grey squirrel.  The latter ROCKED that cage I can tell you.  Furious rage and panic.

Yes I am taking them waaaaaayy away from my house before releasing them.  No, I am not letting them out near anyone’s house.

So many trips to make.  Things have slowed down today.  It’s been just over a week.  Will maybe pause to let things settle.  I seriously doubt that I have gotten them all.

One trick to share:  they do not like peppermint.  So after scrubbing everything on the porch (lots of urine) I put an inexpensive peppermint essential oil on all the porch railings, on the lid of the metal trash can that holds their food, and at the base of the screens.  I think that forced the grey squirrel to seek food in the trap, and I have not seen any other creature get on the rail, the screen, or the trashcan lid.