Turkey Tracks: Fall Fun, 2018

Turkey Tracks:  November 24, 2018

Fall Fun, 2018


Look what showed up at the bird feeder the other day—before we got two snows.  Piliated Woodpecker.  I moved really slowly to reach for the phone camera to get this shot.  These birds are very shy and cautious and never light on a feeder for long.  Any movement from me would have spooked him/her.  They are HUGE.  I hear them in my woods all the time, and do see them from time to time.

AC and I were taking daily walks until the snow—and a spate of bitter cold—came.  We will resume in time.

The woods in Maine often contain old ruins.  Here’s an old house foundation—from back in the day when all these woods were cleared—which is also when all the rock walls were made.  Timber for miles around was cut down to burn at the limestone pits down in Rockport, so most of our nearby woods are fairly new growth—old for us, but not for the woods.  The limestone made the morter between the granite blocks quarried in Maine.  You know all that granite you see in buildings located in major cities…it came from Maine and was carried by schooners down the coast.

Maybe Common Snowberry?  Look at the blue of that sky.




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2 thoughts on “Turkey Tracks: Fall Fun, 2018”

    1. Black oiled sunflower seeds feed all the birds. Those seed mixtures are a waste. Or so I’ve been told. I put up a suet feeder for the woodpeckers. Buy sunflower seeds at Rankins—very clean ones in 50 pound bags. And suet at Renys.

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