Interesting Information: Is There Poison in Cereals?

Interesting Information:  November 25, 2018

Is There Poison in Cereals?

The picture below comes from a science project at some of my grandkids school, Mason Prep in Charleston, SC.

Their answer is yes, there is glysophate in cereals—and I would say in a lot of our commercial food.  Glysophate is in Round-up.  And, yes, it does affect humans, contrary to a lot of industry propaganda.

Here is a recent study about the health impact of eating organic food—a huge study done recently.

I have been asked many times about the cost of eating organic.  I have two answers:  cancer is incredibly expensive in ways you can’t imagine until you get enmeshed in that event.  Secondly, when I married over 50 years ago now, we were advised to plan for 25% of our budget to be spent on food.  Today, Americans spend about 10% of their income on foods—and it’s crap, fake food that is dangerous.  If you want to be healthy, want your kids to be healthy, you have to change the way you eat and you have to cook clean, fresh foods.  Period.


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I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

3 thoughts on “Interesting Information: Is There Poison in Cereals?”

  1. Truly the first thing babies are fed is formula and then cereal. And then as they grow up, they gravitate to sugar. From birth on babies life expectancy today is way down from 40 years ago. The processed foods (sugar) is probably the single component is gall blader disease, kidney disease, celiac, chrones, diverticulitus, and diabetes (cancer too). It all starts with sugar…..and the refining process. Remove it from the diet and your life expectancy will rise…. that is a long row to hoe and becoming impossible.

    1. Agree. Totally. And thanks for the comment. I’d add that the Weston A. Price Foundation web site has great info on feeding babies. They have biochemists on board who specialize in the chemical interactions of food in the human body. They note, also, that babies do not have the enzymes to handle grains until they have their molar teeth—at about 18 months. Still, grains turn into sugars in the system, as you note, so they really need to be a treat in the diet and not the mainstay they now are for many. And that does not even get to all the agricultural poisons they now contain.

  2. I enjoy reading your blog, it’s a great mix of quilting and environmental topics.
    The book Medical Medium by Anthony William is some incredible info. He also has a radio show where he addresses toxins we encounter everyday. I’ve found his work revolutionary! Plus he lived in Maine, and might still live there now.
    P.S. I love your quilts!

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