Turkey Tracks: Slaty is MOSTLY Jack Russel Terrier

Turkey Tracks:  December 3, 2017

Slaty is MOSTLY Jack Russel Terrier

My family has a long history with rat terriers, like my No No Penny and my Miss Reynolds Georgia, the latter has been waiting for me at the rainbow bridge for two years now.  I didn’t know anything about Jack Russel terriers, except that they have TONS of energy and, as a result, need an owner with a strong hand and a fair amount of dog experience.  And then I saw one on a walk one day…

As you might know from earlier posts, I fell in love with AC Slater’s picture online, and in due course, brought him home.  He was billed as a terrier/hound mixture.  I started reseaching Jack Russel terriers.  Mom was the “hound” mix, and Dad was the “terrier” mix.

Here’s a picture of a JR from an online JR image website.

Look at the dark-ringed eyes and the markings on the face.

Here’s AC.  The eyes!  His ears may be bigger, but it’s hard to tell with them in alert mode.  I had mentioned the “treat” word.

Here are pictures of JR body types from online.


Here’s AC, with his tail down as he’s not quite sure about what I’m doing on a rainy day with the camera in my hand.  You’ve seen other videos that show his fabulous tail, from which you can tell EXACTLY how he’s feeling at the moment.

AC is making a lot of sense to me now.  JRs were bred to chase foxes through the woods.  You should see this dog in the woods.  Nothing stops him—underbrush, water, rock walls, fallen trees—he’s under or over or through in a flash as he runs full speed.  And nothing makes him happier.

He tries so hard to work with me.  He comes, with joy, every time I call him, which allows me to walk him off leash through our woods paths.  He carries prey with a “soft” mouth.  He’s fast and smart and so much fun!

AND, he has webbed feet.  I’ll have to research that with JRs.  I suspect this summer he’ll learn he can swim.  He’s already fascinated with water.

He gulps his food—a JR trait.  He is relentlessly “drivey” in our yard.  He hears every leaf that falls outside and wants to investigate.  With his “pretty collar” on, he can go out on his own.  None of the small animals in the yard are allowed.  I hope he has good sense about skunks.  No No Penny and Reynolds did.  They could each trigger a skunk, but did not get sprayed.  Best I have the washing ingredients on hand in months to come.

He’s great with both other dogs and people.

BUT, he’s not fully housetrained yet.  He goes long stretches with no poop accidents, then…  And at 8 months he’s not fully reliable about chewing the straw basket that holds his toys downstairs.  I’ll have to replace it with a metal one, which I can get at Renys for $10.  I have spent a small fortune on treats that he can chew without demolishing them in 2 minutes.  Did you know dog stores now sell pieces of antlers as chew solutions?   They work.

I can’t wait for my grandchildren to meet him.  And some of them are coming for Christmas!!