Turkey Tracks: Christmas Puzzles

Turkey Tracks:  January 6, 2019

Christmas Puzzles

My oldest and his family came to Maine for Christmas week.

We did a very low-key Christmas, which included books and chocolate for everyone.

There was a lot of this:

I love seeing my quilts used!

I had two long woods walks with my grandkiddos and AC Slater.  I did not take my phone camera on either, which now seems too bad.  But…  I often worry that we are living through technology and not just…living in the moment.  In any case, these Southern kiddos were fascintated with all things ice:  frozen streams, ponds, puddles, and so forth.  They climbed around my hills and built a fort in the woodsf as there are no ticks now.

We ate good food, played games, worked puzzles, did art projects, watched some movies together.  There was snow one morning before everything turned to rain.  Sking in December is always iffy in Maine.  And equiping everyone for one day is expensive.  So we made small excursions out for Zoot hot chocolate and coffees and to cruise the downtown shops.  The week flew by.

Here are the puzzles we did on this visit:

This last one was really hard actually.  But, we did it.  As is usual, there is a missing piece—lost along the way.  Maybe it will turn up…  We know AC “found” the missing piece from the middle puzzle because we found it all wet and limp and chewed up in his mouth.

This family is really busy when at home and in the school year.  Their lives are hectic and full of events.  So, having a week of down time is really good for them.  They went home ready to tackle the world again.  And I am glad that this place is doing what John and I wanted for them—providing a haven for a “time out” and for some inner and outer healing.