Turkey Tracks: AC LOVES the Dog Park

Turkey Tracks:  April 11, 2019

AC LOVES the Dog Park

It’s mid-April, and we’ve had three snows in the past week.  Two, plowable!  There are 6 or 7 inches of snow in my woods at the moment.  But temps are going up this weekend, so this snow will melt slowly into the ground.  Some up here call this kind of spring snow “a poor man’s fertilizer.”

My dog fence is not working.  Perhaps a deer stepped on the line.  But it could be anything, including a falling rock or tree branch.  I am replacing the dog collar, as it is not working.  The transmitter works, but is 14 years old, so I am replacing it as well.  And I’m hoping that by the end of this weekend all will be in place again.  That will depend on how fast the snow melts.

AC is a year old now and full of zip, which spring has intensified.  He is now watching what goes on in the road beyond my house and wants to patrol that too.  No!  So, the dog park, especially right now, is a must as until I can sort out the dog fence issue, he is not safe outside unsupervised.

AC LOVES being with other dogs.  That makes sense as he was raised in a household with five other dogs.  He knows how to play and delights in getting the dog park dogs to play with him.  Many times he has to teach them how to chase him while he gets to hold the ball or a stick he’s found on the ground.

I never thought that I would be spending “dog park” visiting time most days.  But there are some really nice people there, so that’s kind of fun.  I feel like I have a toddler again as there are days where “play dates” are arranged with owners/dogs that work especially well for AC to get LOTS of exercise.

AC knows the dog park road, and he starts “talking” as soon as we enter it.  He is really very vocal now.  And a total character!




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3 thoughts on “Turkey Tracks: AC LOVES the Dog Park”

  1. Happy that AC is doing so well even after losing his companion. Yes, getting outside is a must, having friends is even better, and having space to run is best. Have a great day AC and Louisa.

  2. Wonderful!


    Wendy A. Laidlaw, CFP ™

    The R. M. Davis Experience “Superior Service is Our Way of Being”

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