Turkey Tracks: Monarchs

Turkey Tracks:  September 7, 2019



Look what friend Betsy Maislen found in the amaryllis leaves on the porch—just before she left to go on the windjammer J&E Riggin for the week—where she and co-Captain Annie Mahle enjoy cooking together:

You can see the butterfly wings in the casing now.  And isn’t the gold trim…amazing?

There have been more than a few Monarchs in the yard in the past two weeks, which is encouraging.  From the Maine fall flyway, these butterflies will fly all the way to Mexico without stopping to create more generations.  They will lay their eggs in Mexico, and next year, those babies will migrate—in generations—back to Maine.  Mother Nature is…AWESOME.

AC has been hunting tiny frogs and the fall crickets (which are singing now) in the grass.  If it moves, he’s all over it.  I rescued this Monarch from him the other day.  Maybe newly hatched?

I scooped her with a flat hand from the bottom, so just her feet touched and put her into the cleome bush that has been wildly growing all summer with all the rain we’ve had.


Here’s what the chrysalis looks like this morning:

This butterfly is almost ready to fly!