Turkey Tracks: And On We Go Through Pandemic Days

Turkey Tracks: April 12, 2020

Life Moves On…

I’m ok.

I hope you all are ok too.

I had “something” that knocked me back for about 10 days, but never developed beyond extreme fatigue and, sometimes, a dull headache. Gradually my energy returned, though I still get tired off and on, and a nap feels good then. I had one of those yesterday.

On Wednesday night and all day Thursday we had a heavy wet snow here that tore up trees and power lines. On Friday, this area looked like a war zone. Again, my generator leapt into the power abyss and ran sturdily for two days and two nights. The worst loss was no internet for an entire day. Folks, we are addicted, aren’t we?

I got about 7 to 9 inches up here on the hill. But by today, Sunday, the spring bulbs are emerging through the snow.

And today, AC and I visited the beach in what was a glorious Easter Sunday. He ran and ran and swam and swam and washed his ball in the water. People waved and enjoyed the antics of the dogs. There was a female rat terrier in the mix. AC and I both fell in love. I could feel the sun warm on my back—and I only wore a wool sweater for the first time this spring.

I finished the knit dress, and it fits well. I feel like I did a really good job on this dress. The learning curve is going down fast. On to the expensive fabric next.

When I was arranging the dress, AC put his yellow next to it. He’s always hopeful. This ball is carried EVERYWHERE we go inside the house—and outside if I don’t stop him.

I’m sewing the Gumdrop rows together now. (Tara Faughnan, from The Color Collective online class.) I don’t know yet how I will stagger the rows.

I have no idea why I started this quilt, but there is something about it that drives me on. It is so far out of my comfort zone, I can’t even…

And then there are some masks…

I’ve tried three different ones—and am not comfortable in any of them, truth to tell. They fog up my glasses, and I feel like someone with a plastic bag over their head and breathing in their own exhaled air, which makes me feel dizzy. The one with elastic ties interferes with my hearing aids, and I worry that I’ll lose one. This one is the MOST uncomfortable, and I thought it would be the best. I’ll try again, as the ties work, and the pipe cleaner nose guard works, but it’s too long I think.

I’ve almost finished the March Sugaridoo QAL row(s). (I’m making two each month—one in the solids and one in Cotton+Steel fabrics I seem to have acquired.) This March row is a braid, which is always fun.

I’ve been deep cleaning as my energy has returned and have culled lots of “stuff” that will be rehomed. That feels good. There is just too much “stuff” in this house. It is hard to know what to get rid of and what to hold on to in case grandchildren setting up houses need “stuff.” As nothing can be dropped off anywhere right now, I’ve put it all on the garage steps in boxes and bags.

I’m getting used to the block editor on WordPress now. It is easier, but like all new things, one needs to slow down to master the “new.”