Turkey Tracks: It Worked!

Turkey Tracks: May 26, 2020

It Worked!

I am very excited to report that—while it took research, days, and a LOT of patience—I was able to clean my old printer’s print head cones successfully.


I like my printer. I know how it works. It does work—there is no learning curve involved. Its an Epson WF 3640. (The ink is horribly expensive in my opinion. Was it always this expensive?)

Anyway, for the past 6 months or more it would print lines in the colors and the black print just wasn’t fresh. I don’t print every day. That’s a factor for sure, as unused ink dries out. But the problem finally just got too bad for the printer’s system maintenance programs that cleans the print head cones to fix.

I researched. I found a cleaning method with a special liquid cleaner, a need tool for the cleaner to get on the head’s cones, and clear instructions. The package was under $20. OK, I thought, $20 is way cheaper than a new printer with tons of glitches until I figured them all out. And, maybe I’ll learn something new.

I did. Starting with how to get to the print head’s cones, how to unblock them, and that the fix would not likely be instant but would require repeating the steps until…suddenly, it all worked.

The resulting print is now like NEW. 

I am really pleased—with the whole process and, of course, that it was successful. The latter was the real bonus for me as I didn’t quite expect it to all be successful.

Now if I can just figure out how to get my Bose Sound/Dock XT speaker fixed. The audio suddenly became garbled, and I listen to books from my ipod Touch on it as it has a lightening plug in its dock. The sound quality on this speaker WAS excellent until…in the blink of an eye… It’s too new to go belly up. Just a few years…

I know there are hot spot speakers out there I can use if all else fails. But I do really like the simplicity of this Bose speaker with its dedicated lightening plug where my ipod touch, dedicated to listening to books, lives.

UPDATE: I found on the Bose web site—after I found my speaker’s unique serial number—that sometimes the sound on this Bose speaker gets garbled if there have been updates to the IPod Touch or one’s I phone. If you turn everything off and restart them, it can fix the problem.

It did! Yeah!

Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

2 thoughts on “Turkey Tracks: It Worked!”

  1. Bravo! I hate it when my “techie” toys go sideways. I was heartbroken when my I pod stopped working. Again, time, patience, you tube and luck…voila!! Music…

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