After the Rain

Turkey Tracks: July 12, 2020

After the Rain

Last night and yesterday morning we got a good rain from the remnants of tropical storm Fay. Around noon, the skies cleared and the sun came out. Earlier, I had roasted some Hope’s Edge CSA beets in the oven and was making a salad with them, so I went out to the garden to get some fresh herbs: tarragon, mint, and lemon thyme came inside for the salad—along with these flowers as you can’t turn me loose in the garden with a pair of kitchen shears and downed flowers offering themselves up. It was painful to see the downed delphiniums.

Before I knew it, my kitchen window was so pretty.

The beaded humming bird was a gift from a grandchild a few years ago. And I can’t use vinegar in a salad, so I use the herbs to give my roasted beet salad some interest. The mint was especially nice in the beet salad, which turned out to be delicious. I used olive oil, salt, some Penzey’s Sunny Paris (to which I am addicted), diced roasted beets, chopped spring onions, chopped Vidalia sweet onions, some drops of Young Living Essential lemon oil, and the herbs. You could add vinegar—a fruity one would be nice. Or balsemic. And maybe a tiny, tiny bit of Dijon mustard?

I finished getting the “little circles” quilt top together later in the afternoon. It is so sweet. And now it is OFF the design wall as it is time to make this month’s Sugaridoo QAL row. Then on to The Color Collective project “Bedrock.”

I was intrigued with these double prong pins to be used to keep seams together and each “flap” in place so ordered some. They worked REALLY well. When I get close to a pin, I sew up to them in slow motion—sometimes sewing over the prongs REALLY slowly, sometimes removing them as I get to the first prong—depending on where my sewing machine needle is going to land. I got them from Connecting Threads I think. (The one pictured below is inserted a little too crooked; they need to be straighter.)