Clean and Clear Windows

Turkey Tracks: November 10, 2020

Clean and Clear Windows

I always look forward to the moment in the fall when the Sun Services crew comes and cleans my windows.

This year we decided to remove the cheap, broken, flawed white wooden cross-hatch pieces. They are a perfect examples of nice windows with flawed, cheap wooden decorative pieces that ruin the impact of the otherwise really good windows.

I am so happy we took them all out. Look at these beautiful views that are fully visible now!

The kitchen is on the north side of the house—and it’s hard to get a picture where the inside is not dark.

Here’s an example of why I need help with window cleaning—this one takes outside and inside ladders—as do many of the windows around this house which sits on a hill.

The house is filled with even more sunshine and light now. Why didn’t I take out those broken messes that especially on doors, flapped on the sides with every opening and closing of the doors!