There is a Moment…

Turkey Tracks: January 23, 2021

There is a Moment…

I have, for many years, tried to describe what it is like here in Mid-Coast Maine, when the ponds freeze so that they are as slick as a huge pane of glass.

It would not be uncommon in past years to see lots of people out on the ice enjoying the moment—but not now with the virus prohibiting this kind of gathering.

The other day, the ice on Hosmer pond, which sits below our local skiing place (called the Snow Bowl), froze as smooth as a skating rink.

There was a very kind gentleman enjoying the moment, and he agreed to let me video him skating so I could finally show my family.

I wish I had done longer videos, but I will show you the three short ones I did as each shows a different long view of the smooth, smooth pond.

And, of course, that night we got a little snow, which covered the smooth ice. And that is why it used to be that people would drop all other activities when the pond is smooth because it never lasts that way for long.

Note that the ice at the pond’s edge is very soft. The shallow water easily melts at the edge. This gentleman found a long board that helped him get out on to the ice.

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