A Surprise Gift

Turkey Tracks: February 27, 2021

A Surprise Gift

A dear friend hung a very pretty bag on my outside door handle the other day. Inside was a very sweet card, a beautiful pin, and this gorgeous cowl made in the green colors I so love.

I already adore it and wear it every chance I get.

The kindness of my friends and family are what are getting me through the isolation of the pandemic. And I do try to play this kind of kindness forward as well.

We all should, you know.

Oh, to be able to get a haircut!

Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

6 thoughts on “A Surprise Gift”

  1. Louisa- That’s really very nice & nice of your friend to make it for you.

    Hope you are filling your days w/ lots of fun stuff to do. (Quilting perhaps). I always enjoy seeing your work.

    Hey did you watch Anne of Green Gables when you were w/ us in Williamsburg? The main character is in a show we watched called The Rein. Then, we’ve been watching a show called Heartland & she’s in it too. I love seeing her all grown up.

    As soon as we are back to some kind of normal we need to get back together.


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    1. I did watch Anne of Gree Gables with you. It’s a fond memory. Will check out The Rein. And I LOVE Heartland—-it’s a place where hearts can be healed. I’m up to date on that one. Season 14 is showing in Canada now, so we will have to wait for it to come to us here in the USA on Netflix. Thanks, Rosie.

  2. The cowl is lovely and you wear it beautifully. It was very thoughtful of your friend. Kindness goes a long way.
    Hair – heavy sigh. I’m rocking what I call pandemic pandamonium hair. In July my husband helped me cut it as going to get it done was just not an option. It was a mistake, and all of my cowlicks stood up. For several weeks no matter how I combed it, I looked like I had a mohawk. Mind you, I’ve always worn my hair short as it is not my crowning glory, but I’ll not be touching the clippers or scissors again. Your natural body and curls are wonderful, and that smile comes from the heart. Piece. Diane

  3. What a beautiful gift and it looks great on you! I love random gifts like that esp giving them!
    I also have curls…I finally had my hair done on Thursday the shops were open for a couple weeks but now we are headed back into lockdown again…

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