More Bits and Pieces

Turkey Tracks: March 15, 2021

More Bits and Pieces

It’s Monday morning, and the temperature at my back door is 10 Degrees!

How did that happen after our series of such pretty and warmer days? It’s spring in Maine, that’s how. She’s a teaser, that spring.

My cataract operations have both been done now—the second eye was done two Tuesdays ago. And my vision is once again AWESOME! I only need some reading glasses for fine print—and I can see my phone screen just fine if I hold it away from me. My world is filled with LIGHT (lots of light) and color again, and I am so grateful for this senior citizen gift.

I got a MUCH-NEEDED haircut this morning and am now feeling less old and way less all-the-time messy.

I’ve been working on the log cabin quilt for my niece and have a bit over half the blocks done now. It will be 8 rows by 8 rows, or 96 inches square.

The fall crop of butternut squash is running low in our stores now. I found one and roasted the cubes I cut out of it. Roasted this way, butternut squash is like eating candy it is so sweet. And it is easy to make. I love it best in the fall with fresh rosemary, lots of garlic, some good olive oil, and a sprinkling of coarse sea salt. I make do now with dried herbs if I don’t buy fresh rosemary, which is expensive.

Cut the squash in half lengthwise and them slice the halves into half circles. Turn these on their sides and trim off the outer skin and cut each slice into chunks. Place them all in a parchment lined pan and apply the herbs, garlic, salt, and olive oil. Roast at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes—you may want to turn up the heat at 25 minutes or so to pop the chunks with stronger heat—which starts to caramelize them.

Enjoy! And the extras reheat well, but they are also good cold in a salad.

Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

7 thoughts on “More Bits and Pieces”

  1. Louisa, you are amazing.

    A spot of bright sunshine. I am replying to you from snowing-soon Minneapolis. I do not even remember how I found your blog so long ago now! I am not a quilter but really enjoy what you show in each email. And your meals too! You inspire me to eat better. I have been a co-op shopper for several decades, organic (if there is such a thing anymore) is important to me. Thanks for the friendly ‘letters’ your ‘long – arm’ reaches far. Not like the distant past of stamped, addressed and long-hand penned, long-winded, and long past news!

    Give AC a pat for us.

    We (my husband) are cat people. He has said he wants a dog; he’d like a dog. He has limited mobility and I think to myself, ‘who is going to walk it?’ My favorite animals are OPs (other peoples). We were walking in our local cemetery, located just six blocks from the George Floyd/ Derek Chauvin tragedy, fyi, the other day musing about dogs.

    He said, ‘No, I want a 14 year old dog, one who is going to die when I die.’ Meaning, I think, one that ambles rather than sprints 3x a day. I love how he makes me laugh out loud.

    Namaste from NOT sunny Minneapolis

    Nancy K

    1. Thank you so much for reading my blog. Your comment is going to make me cry. Thanks so much. I would love a cat, but I have no place that makes sense for the kitty litter—and my garage is pretty cold inside too—though the mice get in there on a regular basis. AC would love to have another 4-legged playmate in the house too I think. I go around and around about a second dog, but he is now so bonded to me that I think in the end it isn’t a good idea. AC says thank you for his pat, and I say, again, thank you for reading my blog and for commenting.

  2. Loving that quilt! And lovely photo of you! Nice haircut! ( i am still waiting to feel comfortable enough to go- my hair may reach my navel if i dont get a move on! ) Eleven here this morning, but daffy greens have pushed thru- a very happy sign! Oh btw many happy returns to you!

  3. Louisa- The log cabin is going to be a real beauty. Be sure to post the finished product. Rosie-

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Hi there Louisa-From chilly (54 degree Williamsburg, VA. Some of the spring flowers and the pollen is starting. I have always wondered how best to cook butternut squash, will try it this week. Never grew up eating it–my mom was from Arizona and didn’t have it as a child so never cooked it. Larry and I and the dogs will be heading back to Edgecomb in early May-never made it up there this winter to enjoy a REAL winter because of covid. Thank goodness things are easing up–we even went to a restaurant for brunch this week!
    Maybe I can come up your way this summer and we can meet for lunch. Can you believe we graduated from BHS 58 years ago!
    Susan Jacks Burkett

  5. Beautiful! I know how it felt when my hair …also curly was way too long and hard to manage it sure felt good to finally have it done again. I lucked out last time and mine was done two days before our latest lockdown. Your Logcabin quilt looks stunning! I received a foodi for Christmas and keep meaning to try it for roasting veggies..I did sweet potatoes last week and they were delicious!! You are very inspiring!

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