“Bright Trees” and Spring Wood Walks

Turkey Tracks: April 3, 2021

“Bright Trees” and Spring Wood Walks

This neon-bright quilt is off the long arm and has its binding installed—and I now have some hand-sewing for night tv watching. I quilted with a medium dark rose color that helped “knock back” some of the neon brightness and chose a similar binding color, a solid that I had in my stash.

I love having this machine set up with a walking foot installed and where there is plenty of couch and an extra table to handle the weight of a quilt that is getting its binding installed or, even, being grid quilted in some way.

We have had some rainy days, sure, but spring is…springing forth. The woods are clear of snow and ice now, and AC and I have been out these past two weeks enjoying long rambles through the woods. The early spring air is so energizing.

AC has remembered that he loves water and what he calls “swimming.”

And I don’t know who enjoys these outings more: AC who is delirious to be outside in the woods or me watching AC being delirious.

The ground cover is “greening up,” and the early bulbs are “up,” but there are no leaves emerging from trees or plants yet. Soon. My cold frame, seeded last fall, has lettuce plants showing they are sprouting.

Water is pouring off the hills, and though I have shared this particular stream’s activity in most years, I will so so again, as it is both joyful and peaceful.

This particular stream has water most of the year, which probably means there are springs involved further up the mountain.

AC turned 3 in late March. He has settled a lot, but he will always have a lot of energy. If not for AC, I would not be getting the kind of extended exercise that clears my head, restores my soul, and just puts everything in my day into a really good perspective.

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One thought on ““Bright Trees” and Spring Wood Walks”

  1. I just love your trees quilt!! I am having so much fun with scraps these days…I need an extra room just for that purpose so I can still get my quilting work done…oh or maybe more hours in the day!
    Spring is also arriving here and I need to be outside!

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