Hand Embroidery Information

Interesting Information: April 7, 2021

Hand Embroidery Information

At some point in my sewing life, I found embroidery.

But what I found, or did, bears no resemblance to what people are doing now.

How fun is this Aurifil post! So enjoy the eye candy here.

And below find a link to a project Debbie of A Quilter’s Table blog is doing—varied projects designed by Rebecca Ringquist, among them alphabet “dropcloths.”



Rebecca Ringquist

And then there is Wild Boho:


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2 thoughts on “Hand Embroidery Information”

  1. Love your version of Amanda’s “Trees” block. Your fabric for the back is amazing…I’m curious, which came first, the backing fabric or your blocks?!

    1. Thanks for reading my blog. I did the blocks first—mostly as a leader/ender project until I got too many and needed to finish the
      top. Bonnie Hunter pioneered the “leader/ender” way of sewing where you have two projects going at once—your main project and a secondary project where you can send something through the needle so you don’t have to break your thread. You can read all about her methods on her blog.

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